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    Stocks trading resumes Sunday

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:47pm on May 28, 2020

    Trading on the country’s stock market will resume on May 31 following the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission’s consent and the government’s decision not to...

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    Stock market to reopen early June: new BSEC chairman

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:16pm on May 22, 2020

    Trading on the country’s stock market would resume in the first week of June for the sake of the investors, said Shibli Rubayat Ul Islam,...

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    Stocks’ product diversification remains elusive

    Mostafizur Rahman | Updated at 09:18pm on May 08, 2020

    The product diversification on the country’s stock market remains elusive due to lack of knowledge, awareness and preparations, and little coordination among the regulators and...

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    BSEC defers taking public opinions on draft TREC rules

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:41pm on April 29, 2020

    The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday deferred the time for giving public opinions on the draft trading right entitlement certificate rules due to...

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    Stakeholders divided over stock market reopening during holidays

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:43pm on April 22, 2020

    Stakeholders of the country’s capital market are divided over the issue of reopening of trading activities on the Dhaka Stock Exchange during the countrywide shutdown...

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    Pharma sector now leads in DSE market cap

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:04pm on April 03, 2020

    The pharmaceutical sector has now taken the lead in terms of the market capitalisation on the stock market, replacing the bank sector for the first...

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    In crisis mode

    Mahir Ali | Updated at 12:00am on March 19, 2020

    AMID the multifarious known unknowns of the coronavirus epidemic, it is fascinating to see how many media outlets in the West are more focused on...

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    Banks to invest in stocks from tomorrow

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:00am on March 17, 2020

    Banks are going to make investment in stock market from Wednesday from their special fund planned for reviving the ailing market. The decision was taken...

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    Eight banks form Tk 1,335cr in special funds for stocks

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 10:20pm on March 15, 2020

    Eight banks have formed special funds worth Tk 1,365 crore for investing in the stock market and three other banks would complete the stock market fund...

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    A global Dr Frankenstein at work

    Nomi Prins | Updated at 12:00am on March 14, 2020

    WHETHER you’re invested in the stock market or not, you’ve likely noticed that it’s been on a roller coaster lately. The White House and most...