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    UK develops urine test to detect womb cancer

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 05:46pm on February 12, 2021

    British scientists announced on Friday that they had developed a test to detect womb cancer using urine samples, explaining the method could replace a painful...

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    Coronavirus talks with Chinese scientists very frank: WHO

    Agence France-Presse . Beijing | Updated at 11:05pm on February 04, 2021

    World Health Organisation inspectors had ‘very frank’ discussions with Chinese scientists about the source of the pandemic, including theories it leaked from a laboratory, the...

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    BARI scientist Shahadat nominated for IPM award

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 02:14am on January 12, 2021

    M Shahadat Hossain, principal scientific officer of the entomology section of the Horticulture Research Centre of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, has been nominated for...

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    Three women scientists speak out against cyberbullying

    Agence France-Presse. Paris | Updated at 10:44am on December 25, 2020

    Three woman scientists who have spoken to the press about the merits of the anti-malarial drug hydroxyl chloroquine for treating COVID-19 spoke out this week...

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    Singapore gets shot in arm from global drug demand

    Agence France-Presse . Singapore | Updated at 12:38am on December 21, 2020

    Scientists in protective clothing work in a high-tech laboratory at a pharmaceutical plant in Singapore, whose coronavirus-hit economy has received a shot in the arm...

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    Australian scientists map millions of galaxies with new telescope

    New Age Desk | Updated at 10:45pm on December 01, 2020

    Australian scientists say they have mapped a million new galaxies using an advanced telescope in the desert, reports BBConline. The CSIRO, the national science agency,...

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    Anti-microbe drug successful against coronavirus

    Agence France-Presse . Hong Kong | Updated at 10:36pm on October 12, 2020

    An affordable anti-microbial drug used to treat stomach ulcers and bacterial infections has shown promise in combatting the coronavirus in animals, scientists in Hong Kong...

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    Scientists find world’s oldest sperm in Myanmar amber

    Agence France-Presse .Berlin | Updated at 10:16am on September 16, 2020

    A team of palaeontologists discovered what they believedis the world’s oldest animal sperm, frozen inside a tiny crustacean in a blob of tree resin in...

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    Scientists find gas on Venus linked to life on Earth

    Agence France-Presse. Paris | Updated at 10:12am on September 15, 2020

    The atmosphere of Venus contains traces of phosphine gas -- which on Earth can be attributed to living organisms -- scientists said on Monday, in...

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    First-ever rapid test kit developed for wheat blast

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:39am on September 15, 2020

    A team of Bangladeshi scientists led an international research that recently announced the first-ever innovation of a method for rapidly detecting wheat blast. In an...