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    Clash, protests mark first anniversary of 2018 elections

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 11:54pm on December 30, 2019

    The government on Monday obstructed holding of rallies and processions in the capital and elsewhere the country as most of the opposition political parties and...

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    Left-wing parties concerned over Kashmir situation

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 08:14pm on August 08, 2019

    Different left-wing political parties have expressed concern over the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Leaders of Communist Party of Bangladesh, Socialist...

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    Left leaders slam PM for gas price hike comment

    Moloy Saha | Updated at 11:35pm on July 12, 2019

    Leaders of the left-leaning political parties differed from the prime minster Sheikh Hasina’s Thursday’s claim on gas price hike in the parliament and alleged that...

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    The difference between liberals and leftists

    Ted Rall | Updated at 12:00am on July 13, 2019

    LIVING as they do in a bipolar political world where politics consists of Democrats and Republicans and no other ideology is real, media corporations in...

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    Left parties reject proposed budget for 2019-20

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:29am on June 14, 2019

    Left parties in their instant reaction on Thursday rejected the proposed national budget for 2019-20 fiscal year alleging that it would create more scope for...

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    An India without the left?

    Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva Deshpande | Updated at 12:00am on April 17, 2019

    To understand the left’s central role, one has to take stock of the mass mobilisations to highlight injustice and inequity, write Vijay Prashad and Sudhanva...

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    Peers remember Mohsin Shastrapani

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 11:49pm on March 16, 2019

    Co-activists and friends of Mohsin Shastrapani, an organiser of people’s cultural movement, writer and poet, who died on March 2, said that demise of Mohsin...

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    Left or right? Or, what… is left in the end

    Nazarul Islam | Updated at 12:00am on February 14, 2019

    IF YOU consider yourself fortunate to be a part of society that is prevalent in the western hemisphere and also consider yourself to be ‘on...

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    LDA candidates want re-polls to 11th JS

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 12:40am on January 12, 2019

    The December 30 polls contestants of Left Democratic Alliance, giving testimony during a ‘mass hearing’ in Dhaka on Friday, said no free and fair election...

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    Another left alliance launched

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:00am on October 10, 2018

    The Bam Oikya Front emerged on Tuesday as a new political alliance of four left-leaning parties. The alliance, upon its launch, demanded a ‘revolutionary caretaker’...