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    Protest in Lebanon as crisis deepens

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 10:43pm on January 12, 2020

    Hundreds protested across Lebanon on Saturday to denounce a crippling economic crisis and the political deadlock that has left the country without a government for...

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    Lebanon bans Ghosn from foreign travel

    Agence France Presse . Beirut, Lebanon | Updated at 10:34pm on January 09, 2020

    Lebanon banned former auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn from travel on Thursday and asked Japan to hand over his file on financial misconduct charges, as Tokyo...

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    Some Lebanon banks close over angry clients’ demands

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 10:27pm on January 05, 2020

    Banks in a region of northern Lebanon were closed until further notice on Saturday, the National News Agency said, after lenders balked at customer anger...

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    As poverty deepens, Lebanon protesters step in to help

    Agence France-Presse . Sidon | Updated at 12:03am on December 30, 2019

    With volunteer kitchens, makeshift clinics and donation centres, Lebanon’s protesters are helping their compatriots survive the worst economic crisis since the civil war by offering...

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    As crisis hits, Lebanese businesses fight for survival

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 11:52pm on December 28, 2019

    After decades of hard work, self-made Lebanese chocolatier Roger Zakhour thought he would finally be able to pass a successful business to his daughter. But...

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    Hezbollah-backed Diab set to be nominated Lebanon PM

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 10:26pm on December 19, 2019

    Lebanese academic and former minister Hassan Diab received the backing of Shiite group Hezbollah and looked set Thursday to be named the crisis-wracked country’s new...

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    Police-anti-govt protesters locked in clash in Lebanon

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 03:01pm on December 15, 2019

    Lebanese police clashed with anti- government protesters in Beirut late Saturday, firing tear gas to prevent them from breaching barricades near parliament, ahead of talks...

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    Lebanon protesters defiant despite Hezbollah attack

    Agence France-Presse . Beirut | Updated at 10:16pm on November 25, 2019

    Security forces cleared road blocks across Lebanon Monday, facing off against protesters who took to the streets from the early morning despite being attacked overnight...

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    Lebanese anti-corruption protesters also march for environment

    Agence France-Presse . Bisri Valley, Lebanon | Updated at 01:32pm on November 24, 2019

    Surrounded by sweeping pines, lemon trees and bean stalks, hundreds of Lebanese protesters march along, chanting against a planned dam that would drown the valley...

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    The whiff of a new Arab Spring in West Asia

    Mohammed Ayoob | Updated at 12:00am on November 23, 2019

    LEBANON and Iraq seem to be on the cusp of far-reaching political change but it is too early to predict the final outcome of the...