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    Making democracy meaningful

    Valerian Rodrigues | Updated at 12:00am on April 06, 2019

    WITHIN Indian common sense periodic elections, party-based competitive candidates, and universal adult franchise have turned out to be the primary ingredients of democracy....

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    Release of Modi biopic postponed

    Agence France-Presse .New Delhi | Updated at 12:00am on April 06, 2019

    Film-makers on Friday postponed the scheduled release of a Bollywood biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after it failed to get a censor’s certificate on...

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    No Pakistan F-16s shot down in Indian battle: US report

    Reuters . New Delhi | Updated at 01:25pm on April 05, 2019

    All of Pakistan’s F-16 combat jets are accounted for, US-based Foreign Policy magazine said, citing a count by US officials, contradicting an Indian air force...

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    Before India votes, RBI cuts key rates

    Reuters . Mumbai | Updated at 12:00am on April 05, 2019

    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut its policy interest rate by 25 basis points on Thursday, in a widely expected move to boost the economy...

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    Four Indian soldiers killed in Maoists ambush

    Agence France-Presse . New Delhi | Updated at 12:00am on April 05, 2019

    Maoist rebels on Thursday ambushed an Indian military patrol and killed four soldiers in a jolt to security measures ahead of a national election that...

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    Rahul files election candidacy from south

    Reuters . New Delhi | Updated at 12:00am on April 05, 2019

    Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi filed his papers on Thursday to run for parliament from a southern constituency, aiming to strengthen his Congress party’s prospects...

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    Modi TV, Modi app, Modi rallies: How brand Modi plays in election

    Reuters . New Delhi | Updated at 02:05pm on April 04, 2019

    If Indian prime minister Narendra Modi wins this spring’s general election, as is widely expected, it will also be another massive victory for the marketing...

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    Poor diet linked to one in five deaths globally

    Agence France-Presse . Paris | Updated at 12:27pm on April 04, 2019

    One in five deaths globally are linked to poor diet, experts said Thursday, warning that overconsumption of sugar, salt and meat was killing millions of...

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    Modi takes election fight to battleground state

    Agence France-Presse . Kolkata | Updated at 02:09am on April 04, 2019

    Prime minister Narendra Modi staged a massive rally in India’s east on Wednesday, stepping up the battle with a local rival who could frustrate his...

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    India’s Hindu groups quietly put controversial temple plan on backburner

    Reuters . New Delhi | Updated at 12:49am on April 04, 2019

    Millions of Hindus will wake up at the crack of dawn this Saturday, five days before the start of India’s general election, and march to...