Gonoshasthaya Kendra

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    DGDA declines to accept samples

    Iqbal Mahmud Rana | Updated at 07:58pm on April 26, 2020

    The Directorate General of Drug Administration has refused to accept the COVID-19 test kit developed by Gonoshasthaya Kendra, said the Kendra’s founder Zafrullah Chowdhury on...

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    Gonoshasthaya unveils kit

    Staff correspondent | Updated at 03:15pm on April 25, 2020

    Gonoshasthaya Kendra unveiled its COVID-19 testing kit, which would be sold at an affordable price of no more than Tk 300, on Saturday amid the...

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    Gonoshasthaya gets permission for kit trial

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 12:10am on April 23, 2020

    Gonoshasthaya Kendra finally got permission for collecting samples for trial of COVID-19 testing kit from the Directorate General of Health Services after intervention of the...

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    Gonoshasthaya Kendra sends 2,100 packets relief for needy people

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 11:29pm on April 15, 2020

    Gonoshasthaya Kendra on Wednesday sent 2,100 packets of relief for needy people in districts as the people were struggling to get food for coronavirus pandemic...

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    Gonoshasthaya postpones COVID-19 detecting kit handover

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:45am on April 11, 2020

    Gonoshasthaya Kendra on Friday postponed its coronavirus testing kit handover due to delay in production procedure. Gonoshasthaya was scheduled for today to handover sample of...

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    DU student ‘denied treatment by hospitals’ dies

    United News of Bangladesh. Dhaka | Updated at 11:33am on April 07, 2020

    An MA student of Dhaka University died on Monday in Khagrachhari after several hospitals in the capital allegedly denied his treatment fearing that he was...

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    Gono Kallyan donates Gonoshasthaya Kendra Tk 5 lakh

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 11:22pm on March 30, 2020

    Gono Kallyan Trust on Saturday donated Tk 5 lakh to Gonoshasthaya Kendra to continue research on coronavirus that turned pandemic. On behalf of GKT, Shafiuddin handed...

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    Gonoshasthaya hopes to produce 1 lakh coronavirus test kits by mid-April

    Iqbal Mahmud | Updated at 12:25am on March 28, 2020

    The Gonoshasthaya Kendra will submit samples of its COVID-19 testing kits for government approval by April 10 and plans to manufacture one lakh kits by...

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    Gonoshasthaya gets donation for kits production

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:30am on March 24, 2020

    Future Bangladesh, a private organisation, has donated Tk 5 lakh to Gonoshasthaya Kendra to assist its production of COVID-19 testing kits. The kendra founder Zafrullah Chowdhury...

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    Gonoshasthaya gets approval to produce coronavirus test kit

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 03:47pm on March 19, 2020

    Gonoshasthaya Kendra has received the government’s approval to import raw materials for producing COVID-19 test kits. On Thursday, the Directorate General of Drug Administration granted...