Deena Stryker

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    Independence for French workers

    Deena Stryker | Updated at 12:00am on February 18, 2020

    IN A country whose population has been famous for demonstrating at the drop of a hat, ever since Parisians assaulted the Bastille in 1789, the...

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    Prisoner of the supreme law

    Deena Stryker | Updated at 12:00am on September 06, 2019

    EVERY elected official in the United States of America pledges to defend the constitution; not the king, or even the president, but the nation’s founding...

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    Two roads to ‘friendship among peoples’

    Deena Stryker | Updated at 12:00am on July 09, 2019

    PRESIDENT Trump’s ‘daring’ step over the demarcation line between North and South Korea to shake hands with Chairman Kim wouldn’t be making such headlines were...

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    The Europe-Africa seesaw facing a new US

    Deena Stryker | Updated at 12:00am on May 14, 2019

    IN THE 1990’s, the US bombed Serbia under the pretext of its mistreatment of Albanians living in the province of Kosovo: currently, citizens of both...

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    Social democracy revealed to America

    | Updated at 12:00am on March 23, 2019

    AFTER spending most of my adult life in various Eastern and Western European countries, I returned to the US just before the turn of the...

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    Monarchy, democracy, oligarchy, mafia… or authoritarianism

    Deena Stryker | Updated at 12:00am on March 09, 2019

    GIVEN increasingly serious accusations against President Trump, Americans have been mystified by the reluctance of the Democrats now in control of the House,...