Government to form employment dept

Staff Correspondent | Published at 12:00am on November 13, 2019

The government has taken an initiative to establish an Employment Department under the Ministry of Labour and Employment in an effort to produce skilled manpower and provide them with jobs.

The ministry has recently formed a committee, headed by additional secretary Sakeun Nahar Begum, to take the initiative towards forming an Employment Department under the ministry.

Although the ministry was responsible for adopting and implementing the employment plan in the country, it had little scope to do so due to a lack of the proper policy in place, government officials said.

Earlier, a total of 26 Technical Training Centres (TTC) were established across the country under a project of the ministry but the government had attached the TTCs with the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment in 2013, they said.

According to officials of the ministry, the government’s decision to attach the TTCs with the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment had shortened the ministry’s scope to work with employment.

‘The name of our ministry is labour and employment ministry. We are working a lot to improve the labour scene but we have been working little on employment. To achieve the mission and vision of the ministry, we are going to establish an Employment Department,’ Sakeun Nahar  Begum, president of the government body, told New Age on Tuesday.

She said that the committee would sit soon to discuss about establishing and finalising a structure for the Employment Department.

The department would set need-based training modules for unskilled workers so that those who are trained would fit into jobs at home and abroad, Sakeun Nahar said.

She also said that training institutes would be set up at the divisional level across the country under the department to produce skilled manpower.

One of the high officials of the ministry, however, said that to face the employment related challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is important for Bangladesh to formulate an employment policy. Along with the formation of the Employment Department, the ministry is working to formulate an employment policy which will be finalised shortly, he added.