Short Eid drama serials to entertain viewers

Cultural Correspondent | Published at 12:20am on June 04, 2019


ATN Bangla will air Premer Dushto Chokro every day at 9:30pm.

Different private TV channels will telecast short drama serials to entertain audiences during Eid celebrations.

Most of the TV channels will air at least two drama serials every day at prime times between 07:00pm and 11:00pm starting from Eid day.

ATN Bangla will air two 10-episode drama serials starting from Eid day. The channel will telecast Galpoti Shesh Hoyni and Premer Dusto Chokro everyday at 7:30pm and 9:30pm respectively.

Galpoti Shesh Hoyni has been written and directed by Mohan Khan. The serial stars Shojol, Bhabna, Anik and others. Premer Dushto Chokro has been written by Shafiqur Rahman and directed by Kaiser Ahmed. The serial stars Anisur Rahman Milon, Pran Roy, Niloy, Ohona, Farhana Mili, Tasnuva Tisha and others.

Channel-i will air Joy Holo Joydebpur-ey every day at 6:10pm.

Channel-i will telecast the tenth season of its detective series Chhoto Kaku this Eid.

The tenth season of the series, written by Faridur Reza Sagar and directed by Afzal Hossain, titled ‘Joy Holo Joydebpur-ey’ will tell the story of the private detective Chhoto Kaku — how he foils an attack by an armed group. This season, Chhoto Kaku stars Afzal Hossain, Orsha, Shimanta, Tanvir Hossain Probal and others.

The eight-episode detective series will be aired everyday at 6:10pm starting from Eid day eve.

Banglavision will air De Dour every day at 6:10pm.

Banglavision will air five five-episode drama serials starting from Eid day.

The channel will air drama serials namely 3 2 1 0, Honeymoon Hobey Cox’s Bazare, Dey Dour, Maaf Koira Den and Amito Shey Na at 6:35pm, 11:00pm, 6:10pm, 8:40pm and 9:55pm respectively.

Written and directed by Shagor Jahan, 3 2 1 0 stars Mosharraf Karim, Nodia Nodi, Zui Karim, Fazlur Rahman Babu and others. 

Honeymoon Hobey Cox’s Bazare has been directed by Salauddin Lavlu and written by Kazi Shahidul Alam. The serial stars Salauddin Lavlu, Nilkoy Alamgir, Shoshi, Sinthia Yasmin and others.

Dey Dour Has been written and directed by Rajibul Islam Rajib. The serial stars Zahid Hasan, Salauddin Lavlu, Tisha, Tania Ahmed and others.

Amito Shey Na has been written by Al Mansur and directed by Tarik Hasan. The serial stars Mosharraf Karim, Moushumi Hamid and others.

Maaf Koira Den has been written by Masum Shahriar and jointly directed by Uzzal Mahmud and Sazin Ahmed Babu. The serial stars Mosharraf Karim, Sakiba, Kajol and others.

NTV will air Matlab every day at 9:45pm.

NTV will air three seven-episode drama serials namely Rang Cha, Saudi Golap and Matlab starting from Eid day.

Ashim Gomez directed Rang Cha will be aired at 6:10pm. The serial, penned by Ezam Munna, stars Shaju Khadem, Intekhab Denar, Farhana Mili and others.

Soudi Golap will be aired at 6:45pm. Written by Brindabon Das and directed by Shagor Jahan, the serial stars Zahid Hasan, Tisha and others.

Matlab has been written and directed by Mir Sabbir. The serial starring Mir Sabbir, Urmila, Farzana Chumki and others will be aired at 9:45pm.

ETV will air seven-episode drama serials namely Coatpora Bhodrolok, Mr Romeo and No Ojhuhaat starting from Eid day.

Coatpora Bhodrolok, written and directed by Shazin Ahmed, stars Mosharraf Karim, Iresh Zaker, Toma Mirza and others. The serial will be aired at 10:00pm.

Mr Romeo stars Apurbo, Momo, Misti Jannat and others. The serial, written by Golam Sarwar and directed by BU Shubho, will be aired at 9:20pm.

No Ojuhaat, written and directed by Adibashi Mizan, stars Zahid Hasan, Nabila, Shaju Kadem and others. The serial will be aired at 7:20pm.

Deepto TV will air two five-episode drama serials namely Ghaar Ghuriey and Ekti Biraal Birombona starting from Eid day. Gaar Ghuriey has been written and directed by Preeti Dutta. The serial stars Niloy, Shipon Mitra, Tasnubha Tisha and others. It will be aired at 7:00pm.

Ekti Biral Birombona stars Intekhab Dinar, Urmila, Nawshin and others.

The serial, written and directed by Kajol Arefin, will be aired at 10:30pm.

Besides, Baishakhi TV will telecast drama serials, namely Kipta Dulabhai, Hi Pressure, Nayikaar Biye and others.

Besides, a number of private TV channels including Maasranga TV and Gazi TV will telecast World Cup cricket matches during Eid celebration.

Dedicated music channel Gaanbangla will air its popular show Wind of Change and several other music shows during the Eid festival.