Ariana Grande: God is a woman

Mashiat Anwar | Updated at 06:15pm on September 01, 2018


If you’re wondering what god is a woman video means, you are not the only one. Grande released a new single from her upcoming ‘Sweetener’ album which is titled ‘God Is A Woman’. The video was released on Wednesday, July 11 this year. The song is everything that we dreamed of with an incredible video.

The mid tempo pop song runs for 3 minutes 17 seconds. The song was written by Grande, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Richard Göranson and the producer Ilya. It was characterised as a hybrid of hip hop and pop. The song was recorded on January 2018.

Ever since the song and the video released, fans around the world have gone wild. They are trying to interpret what it all means in the powerful video. Not to mention Ariana looked stunning from start to the end. The song is packed with unusual imagery, sexuality, symbolism and all these combined together encourage female empowerment. Throughout the song ‘God Is A Woman’ was repeatedly mentioned, which tells us the theme of the music is the strength of womanhood.

Grande sways her body back and forth with the galaxy spinning around her, this suggests feminine energy is the centre of everything. Grande pulled off both seductive and some hardcore feminism into this song. We see Grande swimming in paint, re-circulating and drifting colours around her body. This particular still will go over many young viewers mind that Ariana is swimming in a vagina. Grande sits on a large book with various hateful words like ‘bitch’, ‘fake’ coming at her from small men. Even though she is not affected by them it’s a reminder to the haters that she’s aware of the insults thrown at her. This scene shows us a glimpse of her struggle. Later Grande walks across a thin wire over a field, representing the line she walked from girlhood to adulthood. And the balloons she carries are the planets, reminding her and the fans to always look at the bigger picture. The pop star pays a tribute to ‘The Creation Of Adam’ painting in the music video. Ariana delivered more scenes like interpretation of Roman mythological figure ‘Roman and Remus’, she gives Cerberus an extra head. Later, Ariana takes us to the church where dressed in white gowns, dozens of singers put their hands in the air praising Grande. She recites a passage from Ezekiel- ‘And I will strike down upon thee with / great vengeance and furious anger/ those who attempt to poison and/ destroy my sisters. And you will know / my name is the Lord when I lay my/ vengeance upon you’.

However, the music received critical comments as well. God in most religion is portrayed as a man and is written as ‘He’ or ‘Him’. Grande’s attempt at changing the gender has been called blasphemous. Inverting god’s gender would seem to be seen as insult and mockery”. Therefore, Grande’s song is most likely to hit many male chauvinists’ nerve.

Mashiat Anwar is a student of Mastermind