I always try to adapt to new technology, says Nirmalendu Goon

Staff Correspondent | Updated at 07:29pm on June 20, 2018


Nirmalendu Goon

The Independence Day Award winning poet Nirmalendu Goon said he is a technology friendly person and has always adapted to latest technologies.

He said he has been writing on computer for over 35 years, has been writing poems with mobile text messages, yahoo messenger and Facebook.

‘These days I write only on Facebook and enjoy the instant responses and evaluations from friends, peers and fans,’ the poet told New Age.

‘Whenever a new technology is introduced, I immediately try to adapt myself to it and try to benefit from the advantages the technology offers,’ Goon said.

Goon said he stopped writing on paper since he learnt typing with computer keyboard in 1988.

‘I designed the cover jacket of the first edition of my collection of poetry Jakhana Ami Bukera Pajar Khule Darai (1989) with computer,’ Goon said.

He published Muthophoner Kabya compiling poems those he wrote as mobile phone text messages and Antarjal compiling his poems and other writings those he wrote using email and yahoo messenger.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 he published three collections Nirguner Mukhoponji O Kashboner Galpo, Nirguner Mukhoponji O Sweden-er Galpo and Nirguner Mukhoponji O Pajor Kholar Galpo respectively compiling his writings posted on his Facebook account.

‘I even calculated my birthday using computer. I knew June 22, 1945 according to Gregorian calendar as my birthday and Asharh 7, 1352 according to Bangla calendar. Then I calculated two days using computer and discovered that Asharh 7, 1352 was actually June 21, 1945,’ said Goon.

‘I took Asharh 7, 1352 as baseline for calculating my birthday as my father wrote down date and time of my birth following the Bangla calendar,’ Goon added.

After re-discovering his date of birth Goon began celebrating June 21 as his birthday.

But the poet will not celebrate his 73rd anniversary of birth today as he does not like the gatherings of birthday bashes, which according to Goon ‘disrupts the normal rhythm of life.’

The poet said he was busy with publishing four more volumes of his anthology.

‘In the last Ekushey Grantha Mela seven volumes of my anthology were published from Kakoli Prokashoni. I will publish four more volumes,’ said Goon adding that each of the volumes contains 560 pages and features his poems, stories, travelogues, autobiography, articles and others.

The poet also informed that he was busy with his library in Netrokona district, which has collections of books from 200 countries, including poems of 52 countries.

‘In my home village Kashtola in Netrokona, I’ve founded a school for children named Kashban Bidya Niketan,’ Goon said.

Goon emerged as a poet in 1960s. In his kaleidoscopic journey of half century, Goon published about 100 books including his collections of poems such as Premik Na Biplabi, Amimangshita Ramoni, Dirgha Dibash Dirgha Rajani, Chaitrer Bhalobasha, O Bandhu Amar, Chashabhushar Kabya, Ami Samayke Janmate Dekhechhi and others.

Nirmalendu Goon has received several major awards as a poet including Independence Day Award in 2016, Ekushey Padak in 2001 and Bangla Academy Award in 1982.