Mubashar returns home

Staff Correspondent | Updated at 12:09am on December 23, 2017

North South University teacher Mubashar Hasan Caesar, on his return after disappearing for one month and a half, said on Friday that he had been confined to a room with sealed windows where the abductors used to discuss whether he should be killed.
‘I was in a car of Uber service heading towards home [at Dakkhin Banasri] and was browsing my phone. I got down from the car as a group of people stopped it and claimed that the car was stolen one,’ he said describing his abduction.
‘I saw a microbus in front of me. I was poisoned in the eyes and dragged into the microbus,’ lamented Mubashar, assistant professor of political science and sociology at the university.
Mubashar, considered as a counter-extremism analyst with a PhD on political Islam, said he was returning home after a meeting with UNDP at Agargaon and he got down from the car as he also believed the car might be stolen.
The good orator was seemingly uncomfortable to speak to media. He said ‘people have mystery in their life.’
At this point his father Motahar Hossain intervened and said, ‘He [Mubashar] can’t say everything,’ and asked journalists not to ask much questions.
Mubashar, however, continued saying, ‘We belong to a normal family and we experienced a cyclone.’ His family termed his return a new life.
Mubashar said that after he was dragged into the microbus, he discovered himself confined to a room with sealed-up windows.
He said that there were four-five people in the group involved in his ‘abduction’ and claimed they were looking for ‘money’.
‘I had Tk 27,000 with me and I understood they had overestimated me. They used to say “you write for many people and earn a lot”,’ said the teacher.
According to Mubashar, the abductors used to discuss whether he would be killed or not and one day one of the abductors went missing and they got scared.
He claimed that the abductors drove for one hour and a half and dropped him near Hazrat Shahjajal International Airport. He got a CNG-run auto-rickshaw and reached home.
Jahangir Hossain, who runs a shop just opposite to Mubashar’s house, told New Age that he came to know about the ‘release of’ Mubashar at about 10:00pm on Thursday while closing his shop.
Muabashar’s younger sister Tamanna Tasnim said that he came back to their Banasri home at about 1:00am on Friday. ‘He has returned and is in good health,’ she said.
After he returned, police investigators spoke to Mubashar and his family, who refused to file any complaint.
‘He told us that he was not tortured and we found nothing related to any incident of exchange of ransom,’ said Khilgaon police assistant commissioner Nadia Jui.
On information, rights defender Nur Khan Liton rushed to their house in Banasri, but the family did not allow him to talk to Mubashar.
Nur Khan said that the ‘abductors’ were more powerful than the law enforcing agencies as he was not traced but dropped. A group of journalists waited until evening to meet the victim but failed.
Mubashar, 35, came back two days after journalist Utpal Das, who returned on Wednesday after being disappeared on October 10. Both the victims said they were attacked from behind and both were taken into microbus.