NBR to enhance monitoring after shopping malls reopen

Staff Correspondent | Published at 09:52pm on May 05, 2020

The National Board of Revenue on Tuesday asked its field level VAT offices to enhance monitoring on shops and restaurants after they reopen from May 10 for the purpose of VAT collection.

The revenue board also instructed the field officials to remain active in properly collecting VAT from the sectors.

The NBR’s value-added tax wing issued a letter to its 12 VAT commissionerates across the country in this regard and also instructed the commissioners to behave with the taxpayers in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has decided to allow shops and shopping malls across the country to reopen from May 10 ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Restaurants have already been allowed to open in Ramadan to sell iftar items.

VAT officials expect that the decision would bring some positive outcome for revenue collection which suffered a 2.73-per cent negative growth in March.

According to the order signed by NBR member (VAT implementation and IT) Md Jamal Hossain, the VAT officials are encouraged to maintain monitoring activities mainly through telephonic communication, short messaging services, emails and on social media.

They will have to ensure social distancing and take proper cautionary measures if they need to visit the shops and restaurants physically, it said.

The NBR also asked its field level customs, VAT and income tax offices to remain open during the ongoing general holiday extended up to May 16 to stem the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Offices up to the upazila level will remain open on an emergency basis.

VAT and income tax offices have remained open since April 26 while customs houses and land customs stations have been providing services to importers and exporters since the beginning of the lockdown on March 26.

Customs houses and LC stations have resumed full-swing operations like normal times since last Thursday.