More foreigners to leave Dhaka

Diplomatic Correspondent | Published at 02:37am on April 19, 2020

More foreign nationals and people with permanent residency in different countries are set to leave Dhaka this week amid COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The United Kingdom is set to operate four chartered flights for taking stranded British visitors to London from Dhaka, British high commissioner Robert Chatterton Dickson said in a message on Saturday. 

The first flight will run on Tuesday the 21st of April, and there will be flights on the 23rd, the 25th, and the 26th of April, he said.

The British High Commission also arranged shuttle flights to take people from Sylhet to Dhaka to board the onward flights to the UK. 

The air travel price per head will be £600 whether the passengers start for the UK from Dhaka or Sylhet.

The high commissioner suggested potential travellers to book these flights through Corporate Travel Management, the travel management partner of the British High Commission.

Potential travellers will find details on social media of the high commission and travel advice website on how one can book with CTM.

The US government is likely to operate another chartered flight from Dhaka for Dulles International Airport in Washington on April 21, according to the US embassy.

The Embassy of Japan to Bangladesh was also taking preparations for operating another chartered flight to Narita International Airport in Tokyo later this month, according to the Japanese embassy in Dhaka.

Several thousand citizens of different countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA, and permanent residents of these countries, who got stranded in Bangladesh, left Dhaka after the spread of coronavirus.