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    Dependence on Indian jute seeds reaches peak

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 12:50am on July 14, 2020

    Four projects aimed at earning self-sufficiency in jute seed production in the past 26 years have fallen flat raising the country’s dependence on India for...

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    Govt vehicles purchase banned for 6 months

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 12:51am on July 10, 2020

    The government on Thursday banned the procurement of vehicles by ministries and divisions until next December as part of its austerity measures against the backdrop...

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    4.93 lakh names trimmed from cash assistance lists

    Shakhawat Hossain    | Updated at 01:04am on July 09, 2020

    The finance ministry has dropped the names of 4.93 lakh aid-seekers from the cash assistance programme lists compiled by a number of ministries after some...

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    Jute growers may face price fall, Indian jute to thrive

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 12:37am on July 06, 2020

    At least 10 state-owned jute mills are operating in India while the government of Bangladesh has closed all the 25 public sector jute mills, which...

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    City-centric development backfires

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 12:11am on July 03, 2020

    Anawar Hossain left Dhaka bag and baggage last month for his home town at Ghatail in Tangail bringing an abrupt end to his long stay...

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    BJMC mills close

    Shakhawat Hossain and Tapos Kanti Das | Updated at 12:05am on July 03, 2020

    The government on Thursday announced the closure of 25 jute mills operated under the state-owned Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation since 1972. The announcement was made...

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    Dhaka hopes most of 17 products to qualify

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 10:43pm on June 23, 2020

    Dhaka hopes that most of the 17 products it has been asking for zero tariff facility since 2015 will be covered under the recent announcement...

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    COVID-19 sharply lowers ADP use rate: minister

    Shakhawat Hossain           | Updated at 01:33am on June 22, 2020

    The current COVID-19 pandemic has lowered the annual development programme implementation rate by over 10 percentage points in one year while the yearly performance has...

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    Trade experts, exporters express cautious optimism

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 12:09am on June 21, 2020

    Trade experts and exporters hailed the duty-free access of 97 per cent Bangladeshi items to the Chinese market amid the COVID-19 pandemic with cautious optimism...

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    Public debt sees record surge, to soar further

    Shakhawat Hossain    | Updated at 11:47pm on June 17, 2020

    The outstanding public debt surged by a record 1.5 percentage point of the gross domestic product in the outgoing fiscal year 2020–21 against the backdrop...