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    Collective slaughtering planned due to COVID-19

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 02:09am on July 24, 2020

    Dhaka North City Corporation and a number of private farms are planning collective slaughtering at dedicated places instead of slaughtering on roads in this Eid-ul-Azha...

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    Listed grabbers of Dhaka city canals still at large

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:07am on July 23, 2020

    Grabbers have continued to occupy most areas of Dhaka city canals as the authorities failed to continue with their drives against them even though a...

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    No end to water stagnation

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:43pm on July 21, 2020

    Most of the areas in Dhaka city remained under water on Tuesday due to the torrential rain which began on Sunday night bringing untold sufferings...

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    Water stagnation hampers city life

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 02:12pm on July 20, 2020

    Heavy rain inundated many parts of the capital on Monday causing severe water stagnation which disrupted traffic movements and hampered city life. Many roads and...

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    Chemical control of mosquitoes increases environmental risks

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:10am on July 18, 2020

    Agencies’ tendency to control mosquito by using chemicals has become acute this time as they have failed to control mosquito in last couple of years...

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    Gaps between buildings now mosquito breeding grounds

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:49am on July 17, 2020

    The habit of random chucking away of wastes from balconies or windows has turned the spaces between buildings into potential mosquito breeding grounds in Dhaka,...

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    5pc eat once a day, 87pc face food, nutrition crisis: study

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:51pm on July 16, 2020

    The livelihoods of 98.3 per cent of the country’s poor people have severely been affected by the COVID-19 crisis with 87 per cent of them...

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    Victims cry for relief, shelter as more areas flooded

    Rashad Ahamad with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 06:50pm on July 16, 2020

    Hundreds of flood victims who lost their houses cry for relief and shelter as they are living under the open sky on roads almost starving...

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    LSD infection worries cattle farmers ahead of Eid

    Rashad Ahamad with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 12:46am on July 15, 2020

    Lumpy skin disease in cattle, mostly cows, has grown worrisome for farmers across the country ahead of Eid-ul-Azha as the disease has already spread to...

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    Parks remain closed although everything reopens

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:59pm on July 10, 2020

    Most city parks still remained closed when markets, public transport and other offices reopened on a limited scale after over three months of closure for...