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    Wrong naming takes lives of wild animals

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:21am on March 03, 2021

    Wrong names of many wild animals have perpetuated the human-animal conflict across myriad villages of Bangladesh, regularly leading to the deaths of these animals at...

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    Drive against illegal migrants panic Bangladeshis in Iraq

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 01:12am on March 01, 2021

    Panic has gripped hundreds of Bangladeshi migrants in Iraq as the Iraqi authorities continue drives against undocumented migrants following an economic recession in the war-torn...

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    Cliques make money from illegal kitchen markets 

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:23am on February 27, 2021

    Cliques comprising ruling party activists, law enforcers, city corporation officials and local influential people allegedly make crores of taka monthly by allowing illegal kitchen markets...

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    Culex mosquito density in Dhaka four times higher this year

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 01:35am on February 26, 2021

    Culex mosquito density in the capital is four times higher this year than 2020, unveiled a study conducted by Jahangirnagar University. Professor Kabirul Bashar of...

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    Pollution continues from tanneries at Savar

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:38am on February 26, 2021

    Environmental pollution continues unabated even after four years of the relocation of tanneries to the BSCIC Leather Industrial Park at Savar as neither the tanners...

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    Old Dhaka still unsafe as chemical business continues

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:46am on February 20, 2021

    Dhaka’s Old Town is still unsafe for its residents as the government failed to relocate from the densely populated area the shops and depots selling...

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    St Martin’s Island in peril

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:53am on February 19, 2021

    Pollution of the marine environment in and around Saint Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar, the only coral-reef island of the country and an Ecologically Critical...

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    Rare snake red coral kukri rescued in Bangladesh

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 07:23pm on February 12, 2021

    Bangladeshi snake researchers were giving treatment to a rare red coral kukri snake at a venom research centre in country after it was rescued from...

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    Extortion rampant as DSCC leases roads for parking

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:57pm on February 08, 2021

    The Dhaka South City Corporation leased out spaces for parking at Gulistan, Kamalapur, Jatrabari, Sayedabad, Motijheel, Demra, Madartek, Nandipara, Matuail and other areas although the...

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    DNCC to snap domestic sewage lines linked to drainage

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 01:12am on February 07, 2021

    Dhaka North City Corporation has decided to disconnect the household sewerage lines linked to the rain water drainage system which eventually fall into city water...