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    YOUNG LIVES MATTER: Lakingme Chakma a victim

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 02:26pm on March 07, 2021

    The state and its law enforcement agencies responsible for protecting the life of its citizen, failed Lakingme Chakma, but can they protect her daughter, Atifa...

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    Protests to protect ethnic minority community lands

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on February 07, 2021

    Protests erupted in different parts of the country on the last week of January were members of ethnic minority communities and rights activists demonstrated demanding...

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    Soorarai Pottru: hail the brave man

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on January 31, 2021

    This is the story of a highly motivated intelligent man who wants to start a budget airline in India in the early 2000s. Released on...

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    Victim blaming: ripe time to introduce sex-education

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on January 24, 2021

    Everytime there is a rape, no matte what, the social tendency to blame the victim dominates the public conversation. The recent rape and murder of...

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    Felani Khatun and a decade of unabated border killings

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on January 10, 2021

    January 7 marked the 10th anniversary of Felani Khatun’s death. She was killed by the Border Security Force of India in 2011. Nahid Riyasad writes...

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    Looking back at 2020

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on December 27, 2020

    The pandemic COVID-19 that has turned the world up-side-down and continues to take lives across the world left little room for celebration, but the lingering...

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    Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain: a light bearer of women emancipation

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on December 13, 2020

    In 1930, her essay ‘Subeh Sadeq’, Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880–1932) calls upon women to break their silence, reclaim their lives and be the agents of...

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    Feminists Across Generations: reclaiming the streets

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 05:54pm on December 08, 2020

    Feminists Across Generations is a recently formed platform has been organising rallies and online discussions particularly to incite rage among people against the rape culture...

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    ENMBD: how a DJ becomes an entrepreneur

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on November 15, 2020

    Being an entrepreneur is all about managing the human resources and categorising time slots and executing the actions according to the plan, this is what...

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    Cross-cultural learning with Yes Programme

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on November 01, 2020

    Cross-cultural exchanges as part of early education expand the horizon of learning for your students. A group of students, who participated in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth...