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    Malaysian amnesty ends

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 11:36pm on January 02, 2020

    Over 50,000 undocumented Bangladeshi workers came back from Malaysia under the Back for Good (B4G) amnesty that expired on Tuesday, according to Bangladesh High Commission...

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    Migrant workers cheated through Facebook

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:33am on January 02, 2020

    Migrant workers are cheated by the brokers alluring them with fake jobs in  Europe through Facebook advertisements, victims and officials said. At least two migrant...

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    Many Bangladeshis rush to return home from Malaysia

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:04am on December 28, 2019

    Undocumented Bangladeshi migrant workers were crowding the Malaysian Immigration Department offices in their last-minute effort to avail the country’s amnesty to return home within....

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    Dense fog harms boro seedbeds

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan and Rezaul Karim Manik . Lalmonirhat | Updated at 12:25am on December 27, 2019

    Dense fog along with severe cold is affecting boro seedbeds and standing vegetable crops in the country’s different districts, particularly those in the north, according...

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    Farmers again incur losses

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:22am on December 26, 2019

    Farmers have almost completed the harvest of aman rice, the nation’s 2nd largest source of cereal but due to low price they are incurring heavy...

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    Activists repeat plea for transparency in migration

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 02:16am on December 19, 2019

    Migrant workers, rights activists and government officials on Wednesday laid stress on ensuring transparency in labour migration from Bangladesh for ending exploitation of workers and...

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    Overseas job opportunities shrink for Bangladeshi workers

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 02:29am on December 18, 2019

    Migration of Bangladeshi workers  drastically shrank  this year but more of them came back compared to 2018. Officials said that the job opportunities  for  unskilled...

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    Thousands in crisis, amnesty ends Dec 31

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:01am on December 15, 2019

    Thousands of undocumented Bangladeshi workers are facing multiple problems in Malaysia as the amnesty for them ends on December 31. Many of them might be...

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    Govt makes database of aspiring migrant workers

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:59am on December 14, 2019

    Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry has undertaken a pilot project to prepare a comprehensive database of the aspiring migrant workers to reduce visa trading...

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    Betrayed migrants back to Bangladesh from Brunei rally for compensations

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:12am on December 13, 2019

    ‘My life in Brunei was a nightmare. Upon reaching there, I was forced to cut down forest trees with no pay. Later when I fled...