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    LPG prices remain exorbitant despite fall on global market

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 08:57pm on April 11, 2020

    The price of liquefied petroleum gas halved on the global market in April compared with last month with hardly any reflection on the market price...

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    Demand plunge leaves petroleum storage full for first time

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 02:16am on April 11, 2020

    The average daily jet fuel demand in Bangladesh plummeted to about 20 tonnes last week from 1,200 tonnes during normal times, according to Bangladesh Petroleum...

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    3 more die of COVID, 35 new cases detected in Bangladesh

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:44pm on April 06, 2020

    The numbers of coronavirus deaths and infections kept soaring in Bangladesh with three new deaths and 35 new infections confirmed in the 24 hours until...

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    Rapid test kits illegally imported by politicians raise concerns

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 01:40am on April 06, 2020

    Some ruling party politicians are illegally importing Chinese-made rapid test kits taking personal initiatives as the government has been struggling to carry out adequate number...

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    Many return empty-handed as government begins rice OMS for poor

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 01:28am on April 06, 2020

    Scores of people living in slums at Mohakhali and Mirpur in Dhaka returned empty handed after hours of wait as the government began selling specially...

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    Low humidity increases possibility of spread of coronavirus

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 04:06pm on April 02, 2020

    The Bangladesh weather is far less humid now than normal with the minimum temperature hovering between 16C and 18C at places across the country which...

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    Low income people brawl for relief on Dhaka streets

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 01:19am on April 02, 2020

    Low income people are seen getting into fist fights or tussling with one another at places in the capital on Wednesday as food crisis deepened...

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    Most OMS dealers not selling rice

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:26am on April 01, 2020

    A handful of government dealers selling subsidised rice in the capital keep up their services as most of them have registered low sales as sales...

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    Homeless people left on their own

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:53pm on March 30, 2020

    Five days into the national lockdown on Monday, hundreds of homeless people were seen staying on the streets and pavements of Dhaka as the government...

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    Nap with a friend

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:00am on March 29, 2020

    Dong is the best friend of human. Canine and human can form friendship very quickly as seen in the Chittagong Railway Station. Emran Hossain is...