Emran Hossain 

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    Depression disrupts normal life

    Emran Hossain and Shahin Akhter with Ferdous Ara in Chattogram | Updated at 11:41pm on October 23, 2020

    Heavy rain and squalls caused by a depression that moved inland around Friday noon hampered normal life across the country, disrupting road and river communications....

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    Central dists brace for fresh flood as north endures 4th wave

    Emran Hossain in Dhaka and Zakir Hossain in Rangpur | Updated at 12:13am on September 29, 2020

    Bangladesh’s north is reeling from the fourth wave of monsoon flood as major northern rivers continued swelling rapidly, some of them nearly half a meter...

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    Flood turns severe in north with record rain 

    Emran Hossain  | Updated at 12:22am on September 28, 2020

    Flood turned severe in 10 northern districts as record-shattering rain battered the region in the last 24 hours until 9:00am on Sunday morning, causing major...

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    Thousands of Aman growers on verge of missing planting season

    Emran Hossain  | Updated at 12:16am on August 26, 2020

    Thousands of farmers are set to miss aman planting season with vast low-lying areas in northern, central and southern Bangladesh remaining under water amid forecasts...

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    Microcredit burden weighs heavily on flood victims

    Emran Hossain with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 12:22am on August 19, 2020

    Microcredit borrowers in the flood-affected areas said that relentless pressure and humiliation from their lenders for repaying loans amid the flood and COVID-19 crises has...

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    Flood victims in crises of food, water, medical services

    Emran Hossain  | Updated at 12:09am on August 16, 2020

    With thousands still unable to return home from flood shelters in central Bangladesh, major rivers such as the Brahmaputra, Jamuna and Padma and their tributaries...

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    Fresh flood fear slows rehab plan

    Emran Hossain with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 11:25pm on August 14, 2020

    Hundreds of flood victims continue to live under the open sky, especially in northern Bangladesh as the likelihood of further flooding left the government undecided...

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    Rivers in north swell again as India opens 3 barrages

    Emran Hossain with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 12:34am on August 13, 2020

    Parts of low-lying north in Bangladesh went under water overnight on Wednesday, less than a week after they came out of over a month-long flooding,...

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    Worst flood in Bangladesh in decades keeps taking toll

    Emran Hossain  | Updated at 12:49am on August 12, 2020

    With seven deaths in the last 24 hours until 8:00am on Tuesday the health emergency and control room confirmed that the flood claimed 198 lives,...

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    Rivers erode vast area

    Emran Hossain with Rezaul Karim Manik in Lalmonirhat | Updated at 12:23am on August 11, 2020

    With the worst flood in two decades still wreaking havoc in parts of Bangladesh, the country has already seen the erosion of an area due...