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    Farmers struggle to come out of crises

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:21am on September 26, 2020

    Farmers in Bangladesh, plagued by low prices for years, are this time grappling with the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and the natural disasters disrupting...

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    Cox’s Bazar coal-fired power plants may cause 30,000 deaths: study

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 04:21pm on September 22, 2020

    A study has estimated that the eight coal-fired power plants that Bangladesh is planning to build in Cox’s Bazar’s Matarbari and Moheshkhali would cause 30,000...

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    Illegal power connections pose serious danger

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:33am on September 20, 2020

    The average monthly income of Fakhrul Islam, a Karwan Bazar-based electrician, from restoring severed illegal power connections is about Tk 20,000. Roadside restaurants and shops...

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    Many Ashrayan villages lost to river erosion

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:47pm on September 18, 2020

    At least 215 families provided shelter under Ashrayan Prakalpa, one of the prime minister’s priority projects, became homeless after rivers devoured two villages created under...

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    Titas’ drives, reconnection routine work

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:29pm on September 13, 2020

    In the past three years several thousand residents of two housing societies in the capital Dhaka’s Basila saw their illegal gas connections removed twice in...

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    Illegal gas connections raise explosion fear

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:49pm on September 06, 2020

    Tens of thousands of illegal gas connections dot the country’s gas distribution network leaving thousands of spots highly vulnerable to gas leakage and therefore to...

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    Rivers now below danger levels first time in 64 days

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:45pm on August 29, 2020

    For the first time in 64 days all major rivers in Bangladesh flowed below their danger levels at a time on Saturday as the 2nd...

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    Govt warned of coastal flood staying till winter

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:51pm on August 28, 2020

    Local government offices in the flood-affected coastal region sought relief assistance for a month after warning the government that the flood might stay until next...

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    Fish sufficiency at stake as flood causes loss of Tk 500 crore

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:58am on August 28, 2020

    Over 72,000 fish farmers have suffered nearly Tk 500 crore loss during the flood that continued to wreak havoc in parts of Bangladesh until Thursday,...

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    Flood-affected areas lie in ruin amid poor rehab

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:02am on August 27, 2020

    As many flood victims in central Bangladesh started returning home after several weeks to find their houses in ruins, hundreds of people moved to flood...