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    In conversation with Mostak Sharif

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:02pm on January 12, 2021

    Mostak Sharif mainly writes fictions and novels. He also pens poems and translates literary works. His writings began appearing in various little magazines and dailies...

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    Kamal eyes releasing Je Pathe Hente Esechhi

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 12:09am on January 08, 2021

    Fiction writer Ahmad Mostafa Kamal is looking forward to releasing a collection of freewheeling proses titled Je Pathe Hente Esechhi in February. The book will...

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    In conversation with Shamset Tabrejee

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:11pm on December 21, 2020

    Poet-painter Shamset Tabrejee’s first book of poems was published in 1992. However, his poems began to appear in various little magazines and dailies back in...

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    Shakhawat Tipu’s Paap Punya released online

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:40pm on December 12, 2020

    Poet Shakhawat Tipu’s collection of haiku poems titled Paap Punya has been published under the banner of Boibhob Prakashani. It is the first collection of...

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    Tasnuva’s Jalpai Bishad Payra to hit stalls in February

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 10:35pm on December 09, 2020

    Tasnuva Orin’s second anthology of poems titled Jalpai Bishad Payra will hit book stalls at the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair. The work, which will be...

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    Zakir Zafran releases Jyotsnasampraday

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:28pm on December 06, 2020

    Poet Zakir Zafran’s anthology of poems titled Jyotsnasampraday has been published under the banner of Jaladhi Prokashoni on November 23. It is the fourth work...

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    In conversation with Kazi Nasir Mamun

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:21pm on December 01, 2020

    Kazi Nasir Mamun has been writing poems since the late ‘90s. He has published four collections of poems including Lakshindarer Gaan, Ashruparban, Kaak Tar Bhorer...

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    In conversation with Faizul Islam

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:26pm on November 20, 2020

    Fiction writer Faizul Islam is a voice to reckon with in the post-Elias literary scene.  He started writing fiction way back in 1989. Long form...

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    In conversation with Zillur Rahman

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:58pm on November 13, 2020

    Zillur Rahman emerged as a poet in the mid-eighties. His poems were published in various little magazines and dailies. Zillur Rahman is the editor of...

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    In conversation with Bidhan Saha

    Dhrubo Sadiq | Updated at 11:00pm on November 08, 2020

    Book cover artist Bidhan Saha has been designing books since 2012. He embarked on his chosen profession after completing his MA in fine arts from...