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    Challenges in sustainable development

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 10:27pm on March 31, 2017

    THE recently released United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects 2017 (WESP 2017) has a very bleak scenario for attaining Agenda 2030, adopted by the...

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    Uncertain world economy demands bold UN leadership

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 01:05am on March 14, 2017

    ON 17 January, the United Nations released its flagship annual publication, World Economic Situation and Prospects 2017...

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    Poor countries filling the coffer of rich countries

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 01:15am on March 05, 2017

    Afew days ago, Sweden’s prestigious Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released interesting data on the world’s arms trade. It reveals some interesting facts...

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    Survival of global capitalism and communist complicity

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 10:05pm on January 05, 2017

    MANY saw the 2008–2009 global financial crisis as the end of global capitalism; but it survived. Nevertheless, the champions of global capitalism are still nervous...

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    Has history ended?

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:15am on December 28, 2016

    ON DECEMBER 25, 1991, the Soviet hammer and sickle flag lowered for the last time over the Kremlin. The New York Times headlined the event:...

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    Deceptions of WB Doing Business Report 2017

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 09:50pm on December 01, 2016

    IN MY last op-ed (‘Should we worry about “Doing Business” ranking?’ New Age, November 13), I have highlighted methodological flaws of the World Bank’s Doing...

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    Should we worry about ‘Doing Business’ ranking?

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 11:29pm on November 13, 2016

    THE World Bank has recently published its high-profile Doing Business Report 2017 with the theme ‘Equal Opportunity for All’. Bangladesh ranked 176th among 190 economies,...