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    Lack of trust, leadership impedes pandemic fight

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on April 01, 2020

    AS THE epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic shifts from China to the developed world, rich countries are acting in an extreme nationalistic way not only...

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    February calls for an equal society

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:03am on February 21, 2020

    FEBRUARY is a special month for the Bangladeshis. This is the month we remember our language martyrs and renew our national spirit. This is well...

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    Whither sovereignty

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 10:49pm on December 15, 2019

    SOVEREIGNTY in political science is usually defined as the most essential attribute of the state in the form of its complete self-sufficiency — its supremacy...

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    OECD is not the right place to reform international tax rules

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on October 29, 2019

    THREE weeks ago, on October 9, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development secretariat published its proposed ‘unified approach’ to reform international tax rules, seeking...

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    Demise of liberal democracy

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on September 20, 2019

    DEMOCRACY is in recede all over the world — in developed and developing countries, including former communist countries — dashing the hope of those who...

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    75 years of incompetence and interference

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on July 23, 2019

    JULY marks the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods agreement to create the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with...

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    Privatising money threatens development

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on July 19, 2019

    Facebook released on June 17 its white paper explaining a new global digital currency, Libra, which it plans to launch in the first half of...

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    Vigil for independence: Viva Venezuela

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on March 17, 2019

    VENEZUELA is on the brink of a US ‘takeover’. The dominant narrative, through western press, is of dismal failures of a ‘corrupt authoritarian regime.’ Thus,...

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    Everything that can go wrong

    Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on January 16, 2019

    PUBLIC-PRIVATE Partnerships are being promoted as a ‘win-win’ strategy to deliver sustainable development despite all the evidence to the contrary. Public-private hospital partnerships are generally...

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    Growing inequality threatens democracy

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 02:00am on October 30, 2018

    ECONOMIC inequality — income disparity and wealth concentration — has been on the rise since the early 1980s in nearly all world regions and has...