Agence France-Presse . Baghdad

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    No resting place for coronavirus dead in Iraq

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 09:51pm on March 30, 2020

    For Saad Malik, losing his father to the novel coronavirus was only the beginning of his nightmare. For over a week, cemeteries across Iraq refused...

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    Iraq on total lockdown until Mar 28

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 09:32pm on March 22, 2020

    Iraq on Sunday imposed a total nationwide lockdown until March 28 to fight the novel coronavirus, as the number of cases grew and the death...

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    Iraq Shias defy curfews to commemorate revered imam

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 11:20pm on March 21, 2020

    Tens of thousands of Iraqi Shias  turned out to commemorate a revered imam on Saturday, defying curfews imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus....

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    Iraq names new PM as rockets hit base hosting foreign troops

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 11:58pm on March 17, 2020

    Iraq’s president Tuesday named ex-Najaf city governor Adnan Zurfi as the new prime minister, tasked with ruling a country hit by street protests, military unrest...

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    New rockets target foreign troops in Iraqi base

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 11:23pm on March 14, 2020

    A fresh spate of rockets targeted an Iraqi base north of Baghdad on Saturday where foreign troops are deployed, Iraqi and US security sources said,...

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    Several dead in US air strikes on Iraq

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 12:22am on March 14, 2020

    US air strikes targeting pro-Iranian military factions in Iraq killed one civilian and five security personnel early Friday, the Iraqi military said, warning the raids...

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    US, UK troops killed in Iraq rocket attack

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 12:44am on March 13, 2020

    Top Iraqi politicians joined the United Nations Thursday in condemning a rocket attack north of Baghdad that killed a British soldier and two Americans and...

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    2 US soldiers killed in Iraq clashes with IS

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 02:01am on March 10, 2020

    Two American soldiers fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq were killed during an operation alongside Iraqi forces, the coalition against the jihadists said Monday....

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    Rocket attack hits near US embassy in Baghdad

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 11:59pm on February 16, 2020

    Multiple rockets hit an Iraqi base hosting American troops near the US embassy early Sunday, the latest in a flurry of attacks against US assets...

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    Nearly 550 killed in Iraq protest violence

    Agence France-Presse . Baghdad | Updated at 02:41pm on February 08, 2020

    Nearly 550 Iraqis have been killed in protest-related violence since unprecedented anti-government demonstrations erupted in the capital and southern cities in October, the Iraqi Human...