Victory Day Special 2019

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    Economic growth, mismanagement, wrong policies

    Monwarul Islam | Updated at 10:34pm on December 15, 2019

    SINCE the first budget of Tk 786 crore placed by the then finance minister of the country Tajuddin Ahmed in 1972, Bangladesh’s economy has swelled...

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    An inevitable outcome of contemporary democratic systems?

    Khushi Kabir | Updated at 10:31pm on December 15, 2019

    IN THE year 1971, through a tumultuous war, Bangladesh won its independence. The nine months of war between the highly-equipped regular armed forces of Pakistan...

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    A proxy cold war that hurt Left?

    Afsan Chowdhury | Updated at 10:29pm on December 15, 2019

    The Kagmari conference of 1957 of the Awami League is one of the most significant political events in our history in the long walk to...

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    Reminiscing the nation’s first birthday

    Nazarul Islam | Updated at 10:11pm on December 15, 2019

    THE above lines define my lost moments in time. It was just another winter… after the winter of 1971. I vividly remember, a half-moon smiling...

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    ‘Genocide also means intent to destroy people’s identity’

    | Updated at 10:09pm on December 15, 2019

    ‘It is not about the punishment, which is just a part or the consequence of the trial. It is about discovering the truth and bringing...

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    Sovereignty and rice

    Farida Akhter | Updated at 10:01pm on December 15, 2019

    FORTY-EIGHT years ago in 1971, Bangladesh emerged as a sovereign nation through a bloody liberation war, Mukti Juddha. We are now a sovereign country with...