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    Contagion: when nightmare becomes the reality

    Rahat Karim | Updated at 12:00am on March 29, 2020

    In 2011, Steven Soderbergh directed ‘Contagion’ which has become very much relevant as the world is going through a pandemic and the movie is hauntingly...

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    Rotation of Time: stories of evolution inside a clock

    Akramul Momen | Updated at 12:00am on March 22, 2020

    In his first solo art exhibition, artist Jayanta Mandal deals with issues like gender discrimination, violence, rape, injustice, border realities and stories of fear. Visiting...

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    Representation of rape and justice in Section 375

    Md Nazmul Arefin | Updated at 12:00am on March 15, 2020

    Section 375 (2019), directed by Ajay Behl portrays the distinctions between justice and law, through a rape case. This movie also visualises what a rape...

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    The chronicles of amnesia

    Tanvir Alim | Updated at 12:00am on March 08, 2020

    ‘Parables of the Womb’, a solo art work exhibition by artist Dilara Begum Jolly, is taking place at the Quamrul Hassan Exhibition Hall of Bengal...

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    Popularising sex education through humour

    Rassiq Aziz Kabir | Updated at 12:00am on March 01, 2020

    Sex Education, a Netflix series first aired in 2019 has been quite successful in utilising the traditional self-deprecating nature of British humour to delineate a...

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    Gondi: a tale of friendship

    Rahat Karim | Updated at 12:00am on February 23, 2020

    Gondi is a recent Bangla film directed by Fakhrul Arefeen Khan and released in 2020. The story revolves around two upper-middle class senior citizens, living...

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    Last hours of Anil Bagchi’s life

    Ahad Adnan | Updated at 12:00am on February 16, 2020

    Life gives at least one chance, even to a coward, to become brave and rise above. When that time comes to Anil Bagchi, a shy...

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    Truce: coping mechanism of an artist

    Tanvir Alim | Updated at 12:00am on February 09, 2020

    Truce or Juddhobiroti, an exhibition by Ata Mojlish, opened at Dwip Gallery on January 25 and ended on February 3. The exhibition showcased images that...

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    Kathbirali: the love story of rural Bangladesh

    Rahat Karim | Updated at 12:00am on February 02, 2020

    The first directorial attempt of Niamul Mukta results in Kathbirali (2020) which tells the story of a Bangladeshi couple in a rural setting. The innocence...

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    BlacKkKlansman: an overview

    Manita Islam | Updated at 12:00am on January 19, 2020

    Racism has increased exponentially in America and far-right ideologies are gaining popularity in Europe. Director Spike Lee, in his works, explores the ideas of race...