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    Freedom, in the time of corona

    by Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad | Updated at 01:25am on March 26, 2020

    A society that lives in a perennial state of emergency cannot be a free society. We in fact live in a society that has sacrificed...

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    by Farooque Chowdhury | Updated at 01:20am on March 26, 2020

    FREEDOM, one of the most mischievous concepts, covers much and many: individual, society, country, class, philosophy, political science, jurisprudence, teacher, student, education boss, artist, author,...

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    Shrinking space for freedom

    by Monwarul Islam | Updated at 01:27am on March 26, 2020

    WHEN the government acts against people, it becomes people’s duty, patriotic duty that is, to save democracy and the country from the government. The people,...

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    On externalities of a neighbour’s ‘internal’ affairs

    Nurul Kabir | Updated at 12:00am on September 26, 2019

    BANGLADESH emerged as an independent state through a national liberation war against neo-colonialist Pakistan in 1971 while many a country across the world, particularly neighbouring India, had provided...

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    Whose sovereignty should we measure?

    Afsan Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on September 26, 2019

    IN BANGLADESH, the notion of sovereignty is taken for granted. Most countries do, based on certain conceptual frameworks. It is generally assumed that if there is an independent state, it must be...

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    Unicode Bangla: a few unmeaning arguments

    Abu Jar M Akkas | Updated at 12:00am on September 26, 2019

    AS I walked around inside the Bangla Academy, in the second week of the Ekushey book fair this year, two tall stands readily caught my eyes. They stood between the Nazrul Mancha and the building that...

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    Rohingya problem becomes more insoluble

    M Serajul Islam | Updated at 12:00am on September 26, 2019

    THE foreign minister of Bangladesh AKA Momen came down heavily on the United Nations recently for the plight of the Rohingya refugees, 1.3 million of whom are now languishing in refugee camps in Bangladesh with very little hope of...

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    Why is our politics of resistance not intersectional?

    Oliur Sun | Updated at 12:00am on September 26, 2019

    WE BLUR the background; defocus with utmost indifference the context that constitutes the foreground with our obsession to focus – select a locus of struggle, to cast darkness over interlocking systems of...