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    USA’s ‘Middle Eastern Vietnam’

    Vladimir Platov | Updated at 12:00am on February 25, 2020

    THE United States lost the Vietnam War forty five years ago. By carrying out air strikes against the North and deploying US troops in the...

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    The breakdown of Palestinian politics

    Ramzy Baroud | Updated at 12:00am on February 24, 2020

    A PRECIOUS moment has been squandered, as Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, had the chance to right a historical wrong, by reinstating Palestinian national priorities...

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    Forging a new India-US modus vivendi

    | Updated at 10:06pm on February 23, 2020

    IT IS easy to be contrarian about US president Donald Trump’s visit to India early next week, given his idiosyncrasies, his often-unpredictable, rambunctious ways and...

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    Social media curbs

    Waqas Younas | Updated at 12:00am on February 24, 2020

    MOST of you reading these lines are strangers to me. What impression would I leave if, on our first meeting, I asked you questions about...

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    Afghan peace: Taliban’s victory, west’s failure

    | Updated at 12:00am on February 24, 2020

    THE US and the Taliban have agreed that they would like to hold a seven-day ceasefire. The chances of it actually happening varies by the...

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    World Bank, IMF, and their iron-clad secrecy

    Bill Willers | Updated at 12:00am on February 24, 2020

    The genius of the World Bank was to recognise that it’s not necessary to occupy a country in order to impose tribute, or to take...

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    Insects, pesticide and a public health crisis

    Colin Todhunter | Updated at 10:53pm on February 22, 2020

    IN 2017, UN special rapporteur on the right to food, Hilal Elver, and UN special rapporteur on Toxics, Baskut Tuncak, produced a report that called...

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    Right to assemble

    AG Noorani | Updated at 12:00am on February 23, 2020

    THE agitations which have swept India against the Citizenship Amendment Act have created precedents none imagined earlier. Women predominate, some with babies in arms. So,...

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    Has Modi picked two-term Trump?

    Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 12:00am on February 23, 2020

    A TANTALISING tweet or two can change the atmospherics, otherwise Narendra Modi may well be hosting a two term Trump in Ahmedabad next week. The...

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    Hindutva spurs anti-Bangladesh rhetoric in India

    M Serajul Islam | Updated at 12:00am on February 23, 2020

    THE Indian Union’s state minister for home affairs Kissan Reddy has recently said that a half of Bangladesh would migrate to India if Indian citizenship...