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    Not attending shoots amid outbreak: Nisho

    Tanzil Rahaman | Updated at 11:38pm on June 05, 2020

    Popular small screen actor Afran Nisho has no plans to attend shootings for small screen productions until the coronavirus outbreak ends. The shootings for small...

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    Rehearsing online is an enjoyable experience

    Tanzil Rahaman | Updated at 11:23pm on June 02, 2020

    Veteran actor Afzal Hossain is looking forward to making a theatre comeback after a lengthy hiatus with the upcoming play ‘Pendulum’, a production of Dhaka...

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    Reruns, unaired shows outnumber new ones

    Cultural Correspondent | Updated at 10:47pm on May 22, 2020

    Different TV channels will telecast special programmes comprising teleplays, telefilms, drama series, films, music shows and more to entertain the viewers during the Eid holidays....

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    Virus trips up US soap opera 'General Hospital', 57 years on

    Agence France-Presse. New York | Updated at 04:39pm on May 21, 2020

    Will Michael get full custody of his son Wiley? Will Sasha's romantic woes lead her down the road to addiction? Will Sonny and Julian battle...

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    Saudi Ramadan TV dramas invite scrutiny of Israel ties

    Agence France-Presse. Riyadh | Updated at 04:11pm on May 21, 2020

    Two Ramadan television dramas on a Saudi-controlled network have stirred controversy as they test public perceptions of quietly warming relations between the Gulf kingdom and...

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    Young teleplay makers reel from COVID-19 damage

    Tanzil Rahaman | Updated at 11:26pm on May 20, 2020

    Every year over 600 teleplays are produced to entertain Eid holidaymakers who enjoy those on the small screen and online platforms. However, shootings for small...

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    Emmy winning comedian Fred Willard dies

    Agence France-Presse . Los Angeles | Updated at 01:44pm on May 17, 2020

    Four-time Emmy award-winning comedian Fred Willard, who appeared in films including ‘Anchorman’ and ‘This is Spinal Tap’ and television shows such as ‘Modern Family,’ has...

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    COVID-19 delivered a huge blow to small screen

    Tanzil Rahaman | Updated at 10:58pm on May 15, 2020

    Acclaimed teleplay maker Chayanika Chowdhury said that the coronavirus pandemic has delivered a crippling blow to the small screen ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr as shootings for...

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    Netflix to adapt new, as-yet untranslated Elena Ferrante novel

    Agence France-Presse . New York | Updated at 01:59pm on May 13, 2020

    Netflix announced Tuesday it will adapt the new novel from Italian writer Elena Ferrante, ‘The Lying Life of Adults,’ into a television series, even though...

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    Coronavirus interrupts world’s longest-running cartoon

    Agence France-Presse. Tokyo | Updated at 02:42pm on May 12, 2020

    Production of the wordl’s longest-running cartoon and a mainstay of the Japanese weekend has been interrupted by the coronavirus, forcing the broadcast of re-runs for...