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    Time to address enforced disappearance allegations

    | Updated at 10:37pm on November 07, 2016

    THE allegation made in the statement of Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission on Sunday that more than 300 people have fallen victim to enforced disappearances...

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    One, two, three

    by Cyril Almeida | Updated at 11:17pm on November 06, 2016

    ULTIMATELY, they’re going to have to do it. They know it, we know it and the targets do too: decommission the favourites; defang the good ones...

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    Secrets of the US election

    | Updated at 11:15pm on November 06, 2016

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denies that the Russian government was the source of leaked e-mails about Hillary Clinton and says her ‘neo-McCarthy’ Russia-bashing is just part of a cover-up...

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    The symphony of our times

    Dr Mizanur Rahman Shelley | Updated at 11:13pm on November 06, 2016

    MEANWHILE, I carried on thinking about the decision of taking the Central Superior Service examinations since my adverse police report would not allow me to continue with the university job...

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    Indian elite rails against China for ties to Pakistan

    by Keith Jones | Updated at 11:09pm on November 06, 2016

    RELATIONS between India and China are rapidly spiralling downwards, with potentially cataclysmic consequences for Asia and the world...

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    ATM security caught in bank indolence

    | Updated at 11:07pm on November 06, 2016

    MORE than a third of the automated teller machines, 2,526 out of 8,320 that the 51 banks run across the country, not yet being equipped with devices to guard them against skimming...

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    An allegation that demands investigation

    | Updated at 10:35pm on November 06, 2016

    THE dismantling of the oil tanker that, as New Age reported on Sunday referring to an allegation levelled by Brussels-based non-governmental organisation Shipbreaking Platform...

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    Daring to report: facing death in India

    | Updated at 09:58pm on November 05, 2016

    A strong culture of impunity, enjoyed by the powerful in India, is dismantling the very foundations of a thriving media in the world’s largest democracy...

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    Hydro boom sparks violent conflicts In Nepal

    OP-ED | Updated at 09:52pm on November 05, 2016

    Running water is Nepal’s strongest asset at the moment, not only for investors in hydroelectric power plants, but also for communities that still lack electricity...

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    Value of education

    | Updated at 09:50pm on November 05, 2016

    Education, despite all the rhetoric, continues to be a neglected sector. Bringing children to schools is not education. The main issue was always that of giving quality education that would lead to better outcomes for individual...