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    A threat to legal system

    Mohammad Didare Alam Muhsin | Updated at 12:00am on October 27, 2020

    UNFORTUNATELY, in the recent past, the country had to witness a number of tragic incidents. The latest addition to this was the mysterious death of a young man named Raihan at Bandarbazar in Sylhet. Locals took to...

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    The anniversary of Gaddafi’s death and the current reality in Libya

    | Updated at 12:00am on October 27, 2020

    ‘SECURITY problems, political discord, oil blockades, corruption, and Libya’s foreign debt, which has reached 270 per cent of its GDP, all torpedo economic life,’ said Central Bank of Libya governor Sadiq al-Kabir. Oil revenues in...

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    Fractal sites of resistance

    Joseph Natoli | Updated at 12:00am on October 27, 2020

    MUSSOLINI’S Italy in its undisciplined, messy totalitarianism couldn’t effectuate the kind of state and personal transformations that Hitler’s national socialism did. The Italians just couldn’t subordinate themselves...

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    Myanmar election should be in world focus for minority issues

    | Updated at 12:17am on October 26, 2020

    MYANMAR’S national elections — after the first since 2015 when the National League for Democracy had a landslide victory by way of which Myanmar emerged from outright military rule and the second contested election...

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    Farmer-friendly seed policy is a must

    | Updated at 12:18am on October 26, 2020

    THE scarcity of quality seeds at affordable prices has become a growing concern for farmers. Seed scarcity, as many suggest, may make Bangladesh further dependent on import to meet the local demands that...

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    The scourge of herd immunity

    Eve Ottenberg | Updated at 12:20am on October 26, 2020

    COVID-19 kills, and its kill rate is significantly higher than that of the flu. Some who recover develop insufficient immunity to prevent getting infected again. Some don’t appear to recover. They are stuck with debilities that...

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    Large-scale permafrost thawing

    Robert Hunziker | Updated at 12:21am on October 26, 2020

    TWENTY-five per cent of the northern hemisphere is permafrost. By all appearances, it is melting well beyond natural background rates, in fact, substantially! Making matters much, much worse, new research has...

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    Some irreverent developments

    Ali Manwar | Updated at 12:24am on October 26, 2020

    THE 2020 US election may be the most consequential election of the 21st century, not only for the US but also for the whole world. The US has moved far right of the centre in its political philosophy and internal...