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    UK ruling party scores crushing win in opposition stronghold

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 07:24pm on May 07, 2021

    Prime minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives scored a stunning election victory in an opposition stronghold Friday, after Britain held its first major ballot box test since Brexit and the coronavirus crisis...

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    Record jump in Covid cases signals impending crisis in Nepal

    Agence France-Presse . Kathmandu | Updated at 07:11pm on May 07, 2021

    Health workers and authorities in Nepal are struggling to contain a massive surge of Covid cases as infections spill over from neighbouring India’s deadly second wave. In the last three weeks, Nepal’s daily case trajectory has...

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    Only vaccinated to be allowed back to workplace: Saudi

    Agence France-Presse . Riyadh | Updated at 07:00pm on May 07, 2021

    Saudi Arabia said on Friday that employees will only be allowed to return to their workplace in person once vaccinated against Covid-19.

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    Malaysia former PM Najib fined for breaching virus rules

    Agence France-Presse . Kuala Lumpur | Updated at 06:20pm on May 07, 2021

    Malaysia’s former prime minister Najib Razak, who has been convicted over the mammoth 1MDB scandal, is in trouble with the law again – this time for breaking coronavirus rules in a restaurant...

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    EU summit attended in person 1st time this year

    Associated Press/ UNB . Lisbon | Updated at 03:30pm on May 07, 2021

    On the list of things not to do during a pandemic, holding big international gatherings is close to the top...

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    India’s disaster hangs over countries facing Covid surges

    United News of Bangladesh | Updated at 02:34pm on May 07, 2021

    Countries worldwide wrestling with new coronavirus surges are trying to ensure they aren’t hit by an India-style disaster. They face many of the same risks,...

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    Japan extends emergency, India posts record cases

    Agence France-Presse . Tokyo | Updated at 12:45pm on May 07, 2021

    A coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo and other parts of Japan was extended on Friday, less than three months before the Olympics, as India logged yet another record number of...

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    Mosques full despite Pakistan’s Covid third wave

    Agence France-Presse . Rawalpindi | Updated at 12:28pm on May 07, 2021

    Schools and restaurants have closed, shops pull down their shutters early every evening, and the military has been mobilised to combat the spread of coronavirus—but...

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    US sends more reinforcements for Afghan pullout

    Agence France-Presse . Washington | Updated at 11:59am on May 07, 2021

    The US military has deployed more heavy bombers and fighter jets to protect withdrawing American and coalition troops from Afghanistan, which have so far sustained...

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    Judo class puts 7-year-old Taiwanese in coma

    New Age Online | Updated at 11:41am on May 07, 2021

    The case of a boy who is fighting for his life after being slammed to the floor 27 times during judo practice by his coach...