Amin gives Salahuddin bye in BFF poll

Staff Correspondent | Published: 23:14, Feb 17,2020


Saif Sporting Club chairman and Chattogram Abahani vice-president Tarafder Ruhul Amin (L) and Bangladesh Football Federation president Kazi Salahuddin speak during their respective press conferences on Monday. — New Age photos 

Bangladesh Football Federation incumbent president Kazi Salahuddin was likely to get a walkover in the upcoming election of the federation after his main rival Tarafder Ruhul Amin announced to quit the race. 

Saif Sporting Club chairman and Chattogram Abahani vice-president Amin, had announced to contest for the top BFF post two years back and invested heavily in game to emerge as strong challenger for Salahuddin before making a dramatic U-turn on Monday.

Salahuddin will seek his fourth term as BFF president in the election due sometime in April, with his present four-year term set to expire on April 30.

‘I personally decided not to run for the president post in the forthcoming football federation election in 2020. I made an announcement earlier, but I am now withdrawing my name,’ said Amin.

Amin was talking to press at his office in the city when he claimed that he had taken the decision for the betterment of football, despite having disagreements among his fellow supporters.

Amin’s campaign for the president post in BFF began in June 2018 when he helped form an association for the football organisers of 64 districts and eight divisions called Bangladesh District and Divisional Football Association back in mid-June in 2018 assuming the role of it as president.

His campaign gathered further momentum when he formed another association for clubs called Bangladesh Football Club Association in January 2019. 

The members of BDDFA and BFCA control two voting groups, which believed to have given Amin an edge.

But despite the emergence of Amin as the challenger, Salahuddin was always confident about his success.

During a recent interview with New Age Salahuddin said he is a player of 90 minutes, so he will play in the field, focusing on the game more than preparation.

After Amin’s withdrawal from the race, Salahuddin effectively got a walkover unless a fresh candidate was emerged.

Amin claimed that there was no political pressure on him and he took the decision to avoid an uncomfortable environment that was created after Salahuddin’s decision to run for the fourth term.     

‘Last time he told us he would not run again… but when he decided to run again an uncomfortable environment was created in sporting arena. It is not good for any of us…we want football’s development…So we [BDDFA, BFCA] discussed it among us. It’s my provisional personal opinion not to run in the election,’ said Amin.

Amin promised that he would stay involved with football and in the election will give a panel from BDDFA and BFCA but he did not decide whether he would run for other post or not.

Meanwhile, Salahuddin thanked Amin for his decision through a press conference just hours after Amin quit the race.

‘I want to thank him [Amin] that he has trust on me, that’s all I have to say…,’ said Salahuddin before press at the BFF house. He [Amin] said he will not run for the wellbeing of football, right?,’ said Salahuddin.   

Salahuddin claimed that Amin misunderstood him over previous election statement.

‘He [Amin] might have misunderstood me. He spoke to me about the election. Then, I told him that I will run since I have remaining jobs to do. I never gave any statement saying that I will not run in the election. I told I may run or not. Still, I am telling this and will tell in future,’ Salahuddin said.

The BFF boss claimed that he has no personal clash with Amin but could not confirm they would work together in future. 

‘Just now, I cannot give any commitment about this [to work together]. If anyone wants to work for football, he will do. I welcome here all,’ Salahuddin said.

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