Parampara begins at Chitrak

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:43, Feb 16,2020


Rafiqun Nabi shows artworks to guests at Gallery Chitrak in Dhamondi on Saturday. — Abdullah Apu

A group show displaying artworks by Nabi family commenced at Gallery Chitrak in Dhanmondi on Saturday.

The exhibition titled ‘Parampara’ is featuring around 80 artworks, including paintings by late Rasidun Nabi, noted artists Rafiqun Nabi, Rezaun Nabi, Sohana Shahreen and photography of Tauhidun Nabi.

Eminent artist Mostafa Monowar inaugurated the exhibition as chief guest.

Acclaimed artist Hashem Khan also attended the event while it was presided over by professor Bulban Osman.

Seasoned photographer Tauhidun Nabi and other family members of Nabi family were also present.

At the inauguration ceremony guests recalled the memory of late Rasidun Nabi, father of Rafiqun Nabi, Rezaun Nabi, and Tauhidun Nabi.

‘My father was a police officer. He was a man of principle. He could never cope with the corruption and abuse of power by police in uniform. He raised us in a very simple way. My father used to paint, draw, experiment with colours in his leisure time. He was a self-taught artist. We siblings have followed in his footsteps. He is the reason behind what we are today,’ said Rafiqun Nabi with an emotion-chocked voice while talking about his father.

Artist Hashem Khan used to be Rafiqun Nabi’s childhood friend. He visited Nabi’s home a number of times. In his speech Hashem Khan recalled Rasidun Nabi from his memory.

‘Chitrak people have been in coversation with us since long for holding this exhibition. Finally we could make it happen. I thank them from the core of my heart,’ he added.

 ‘Rasidun Nabi uncle was a very soft-spoken person. Every time I visited the Nabi household, both uncle and aunt welcomed me with warmth and love. I have seen Rasidun uncle a number of times, busy with his artworks. Rafiqun Nabi and his siblings are very lucky to have such learned parents.’

Rafiqun Nabi’s direct teacher Mostafa Monowar also delivered a speech and finally inaugurated the exhibition.

‘Self-taught artists always learn from nature. Rasidun Nabi was one of the blessed artists who could create a connection with nature. I have seen few of his paintings and sculptures. Those are so beautiful and neat to describe,’ said Mostafa Monowar. 

Among the exhibited artworks, 32 painting belongs to late Rasidun Nabi.

Rasidun Nabi (1914-1995) created an enormous numbers of paintings using different media and he created some sculptures as well.

Among the displayed paintings few are significant.

He painted a portrait of a gypsy man in long hair. In the painting, the gypsy is wearing a hat and some jewellery around his neck. The portrait was created using mixed media.

Another painting titled ‘Madonna’ depicts a woman wearing white sari holding a child in her arms.

A watercolour painting of Sundarban is also significant. In that painting artist worked with light and shadow and was particularly focused on the reflection on water. The painting is populated by a deer and some fawns.

Among Rafiqun Nabi’s artworks, a drawing titled ‘Mother and Child’ stand out for its boldness of execution. It is drawn with charcoal on paper. His entries also include a woodcut print titled ‘Broken Window’, portraying two pigeons sitting on a green windowpane.

‘This is more like a family exhibition where artworks by father, sons and a daughter in law are being displayed. I am amazed to see a talented family’s involvement with artistic activities. It is very inspiring,’ Wahida Trisha, a visitor, told New Age.

The exhibition will run its course till February 29.

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