Haphazard structures cannot enhance beauty: Hamiduzzaman Khan

Rashad Ahamad | Published: 00:29, Feb 14,2020 | Updated: 01:51, Feb 17,2020


Hamiduzzaman Khan

Sculptor Hamiduzzaman Khan said that the structures built at different intersections and medians could not enhance the beauty of the city, rather the odd structures were making the city visually polluted.

The award-winning sculptor said that the selection of space, structure and poor maintenance were creating an unpleasant environment instead of adding beauty to the urban spaces.

‘We should not set up any sculpture if it was not space-specific and appropriately proportioned,’ he said.

The sculptor of Sangsaptak at Jahangirnagar University, Hamiduzzaman, said that sculptures were a permanent structure which could not be replace easily. So the sculptors should be conscious about the structure that he/she was going to set up at open space for the public in mind.

He said that setting up a sculpture was a very sensitive issue as it sought to present the culture and art of the country.

He suggested that the authority should be more careful about selection of any sculpture before setting it up in any site.

Hamiduzzaman Khan suggested that the authority formed an expert committee comprising artists, critics and landscape architects as well as structural engineers before choosing to set up a sculpture.

He said that at different pocket spaces a number of sculptures were made in Dhaka for enhancing beauty. The structures were anything if not ugly and not proportionate, consider the theme as well as the form, he said.

He asked the authority not to allow any sculpture at medians and intersections at any part of the city as any art form or sculptural piece needed some spaces for people to appreciate.

He rather suggested building sculpture at Hatirjheel and other large areas like Hatirjheel for giving the real taste of beauty. ‘Setting up a sculpture on a space where the it can be enjoyed against the sky is ideal for any artwork to command attention of the public,’ the sculptor said.    

He said that an expert committee was a must for a better understanding of appropriateness of a structure and ensuring proper beautification of the city.

He said that Bangladesh could invite foreign sculptors and hold competition to ensure that an appropriate art piece was selected for an appropriate place. It is not an easy task to build an appropriate structure since it involved a keen sense of urban planning and design, he said, adding that relevant professionals must be involved to ensure beautification.  

He also said that there were many brilliant structures in city but they were not maintained properly resulting in public nuisance. ‘Maintenance of sculpture was a great problem in Bangladesh as is every where, when a piece is ill-maintained, it eats up the beauty of the structure,’ he concluded.

Hamiduzzaman Khan asked the authority for drawing up a plan to introduce a coherent process for beautification, create a body to maintain standardised procedure of sculpture-making and installation of art in public places across the city alongside strict maintenance of the already built structures.

The artist said that the existing structures could not beatify a city where things have not progressed according to any master plan. For holistic beautification government needed to ensure a planned approach to beautification.

He emphasised that a city as dirty as Dhaka needed a cleanliness drive, plantation and, additionally, large open spaces like Ramna Park, only then things would start to look beautiful.

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