On-street parking continues to play havoc with Dhaka traffic: Akter Mahmud

Rashad Ahamad | Published: 00:24, Feb 07,2020 | Updated: 00:55, Feb 08,2020


Akter Mahmud

President of Bangladesh Institute of Planners and also urban planning professor of Jahangirnagar University, Akter Mahmud, said that on-street parking was not feasible for the increasing number of private cars in Dhaka renders road capacity inadequate.

He said that the crisis intensified for the hike in the number of private cars over the years which occupy huge space but carry very few passengers.

He said that government should take all-out measures to control private cars and inspire use of public transports to reduce the number of vehicles in Dhaka — a city which was smarting under a huge population.

‘Since a huge number of people living in this small city with inadequate road capacity, street parking would not be a solution,’ he said.

Akter also added that if the government continued facilitating on-street parking without building multi-storey parking buildings to facilitate private cars, the unruly roads would not be brought under any desired order.

But recovery of parking spaces of the residential and the commercial buildings was a must as the building owners use the parking space for other purposes.

Akter said that the countries, especially America, that initially allowed street parking, now discourage people to use private cars and even after having designated spaces for cars, discourage parking to check the increasing number of private cars as well as carbon emission.

On the other hand, the countries, especially European nation states, always discouraged private cars because of their smaller size of their cities.

‘The problem of parking aside, private cars should be controlled for eating up majority of spaces of the city roads,’ he said.

Akter said that like other countries app-based parking facilities might be developed in Dhaka with a competitive rate so that people were encouraged to create more parking spaces commercially.

He said that prevailing building construction rules obliged keeping parking spaces at every multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. But the owners use the space for different purposes.

‘Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha should implement the building construction rules strictly,’ he urged the government.

Akter also added that before taking any punitive actions government should create scope for legal parking.

‘As legal parking spaces are not sufficient, illegal parking continues unabated,’ he said, adding that immediately government should create some parking spaces in multi-storey buildings at busy city points like Gulistan and Motijheel.

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