Tabith pledges liveable city

Staff Correspondent | Published: 13:56, Jan 27,2020 | Updated: 23:21, Jan 27,2020


BNP’s Dhaka North City mayoral candidate Tabith Awal announces his election manifesto at a press conference at Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall in Gulshan of the city on Monday. — New Age photo

Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s Dhaka north city mayoral candidate Tabith Awal on Monday issued his election manifesto, promising a sustainable city.

He outlined the pledges at a press conference at Emmanuelle’s Banquet in Gulshan.

The manifesto addressed key challenges, including mosquito infestation, traffic congestion, air and sound pollution, and waste management.

‘Standing before the enormous challenges of an unplanned Dhaka city, I am committed to make it a liveable and sustainable city to achieve the United Nation’s 2030 target of Sustainable Development Goals,’ Tabith said.

‘I want to develop the city to a liveable intelligent one from the present state of one the least liveable cities in the world,’ he said.

Tabith also announced his plans for year-round mosquito prevention and control measures; reducing traffic congestion; tackling air and sound pollution; improving waste management system; organised and safe public transport; primary healthcare at each wards; a city friendly to women, children and physically challenged people; safe water and safe foods and disaster resilient city.

His plans also include adequate public toilet facilities, extortion‑free organised small business-friendly city, measures against crimes, parking and recreation facilities, low cost housing for bachelors and students and introduction of a city government.

Tabith’s mosquito control plans include effective pesticide, larvicide and adulticide application; planting mosquito resistant plants; regular examination of mosquito breeding; weekly activities to raise awareness about mosquito control and cleaning of water reservoir.

His traffic management plans include technology‑based automatic traffic signal system, activating traffic lights, construction of underground tunnel road, construction of elevated expressway, U-loop and underpass, increasing the current speed of vehicles on the road by utilising road traffic system, construction of underpasses and overpasses, construction of roads connecting east and west zones of the city, introduction of effective public transport system and repair of broken roads.

To make the city pollution-free, Tabith promised to relocation of factories using toxic chemicals; introduction of vertical garden projects, application of the law to redress air pollution, recognition and certify of eco-friendly buildings and urban agriculture system.

He said he want to improve the waste management system by separation and sorting of wastes, proper e-waste and medical waste management, door to door waste collection, covered-truck with compactor, removal of wastes from midnight to 5:00am, construction of waste recycling centres and modern slaughterhouses.

Tabith, a graduate of information technology, said he wants to make Dhaka an ‘intelligent city’ by introducing data analytics, facial recognition system, app-based services, service quality tracking system and online taxation system.

Tabith claimed that his promises were realistic and within the jurisdiction of a mayor.

‘These plans are implementable and you will see marked improvement within 60 days,’ he said.

‘People have distrusts in promises of politicians, but I’m committed to regain your trust becoming a change-maker of young generation,’ he said, calling the voters to franchise their rights to vote and elect him.

When reporters asked whether it would be possible for him as an opposition party member to implement the manifesto if he was elected, Tabith said, ‘I could implement the plans if people remain by my side.’

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