Unveiling the Truth ends at Dwip

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 22:46, Jan 20,2020


An artwork by Kazi Hasan Habib.

Late eminent artist Kazi Hasan Habib’s works were displayed at a solo exhibition titled ‘Unveiling the Truth’ which ended at Dwip Gallery in Lalmatia in the capital on Sunday.

The 15-day exhibition featured 17 artworks and 10 book covers. The works had been created using mediums like ink, watercolour, prints, mixed media and others.

The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by architect-art critic Shamsul Wares and artist Wakilur Rahman on January 4. Renowned artist and critic Mustafa Zaman curated the show.

‘Kazi Hasan Habib wrote that the artist’s quest is for unveiling the truth. Years have elapsed after that 2nd solo. The artist’s death in 1988 made it more enticing for anyone interested in art-truth dyad to revisit his thoughts behind what otherwise seems like an unambiguous adage. Add to that the fact that the very idea of truth in our post-truth era needs re-orientation of mind, and perhaps even awareness about some of the frameworks that used to inspire artists in that post-romantic age when the garden of delight was still right next to the region of ethics’, reads a release.

A displayed work titled ‘Drawing’ shows sketches portraying female figures while the background shows a page of a book.

The artwork titled ‘Prints’ comprises lines and figures of various colours.

The show also displayed the cover of the book ‘Bangladesher Lokoshilpa’, penned by art critic professor Borhan Uddin Khan Jahangir, which was designed by Kazi Hasan Habib. The cover contains shapes portraying traditional Nakshikatha surrounded by green-leaves.

Kazi Hasan Habib was born on December 25, 1949 at Umedpur village of Jessore. He was one of the major artists of the country.

Habib graduated from the then Government College of Fine Arts in 1972.  He got involved in the publishing industry and churned out numerous covers for books, effecting a change it their aesthetics. Habib lived for only 39 years, but left an oeuvre with the distinctive mark of talent and individualism.

He held three solo art exhibitions in Dhaka, subsequently in 1982, 1985 and 1988. The second exhibition was of an exceptional nature. It displayed 21 of his oil paintings that elaborated on the themes of poems of 21 poets of Bangladesh. He also participated in a number of national and international exhibitions between 1970 and 1985. He wrote a number of poems of considerable merit. A year after his death on December 25, 1988, a collection of his poems Nirbachito Drishtir Labonney was published.

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