An evening of visual treat at Chhayanaut

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 22:47, Jan 18,2020


Artistes perform dance recitals at Chhayanaut Shangskriti Bhaban in Dhanmondi on Friday. — Abdullah Apu

Dance lovers were in for a treat at Chhaynaut Nritya Utsab 1426, which featured diverse classical dance forms performed by renowned and upcoming dancers, at Chhayanaut Shangskriti Bhaban in Dhanmondi on Friday evening.

Artistes performed dance forms namely Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Gaudiya and Odissi at the festival, which was the 10th dance festival organised by Chhayanaut.

Vice president of Chhayanaut Dr Sarwar Ali delivered the welcome speech at the event. Teacher of Chhayanaut Sangeet Bidyayatan Belayet Hossain Khan thanked the participating dancers at the programme.

‘We have been organising the festival since 2010. I thank all the dancers who are participating in the festival today. We will try to invite more artistes from next year. I also want to thank the audience for attending the event,’ said Belayet Hossain Khan.

Artistes of Sylhet-based Academy for Manipuri Culture and Arts commenced the festival with a group Manipuri dance recital styled Surya Pranam.

Dhaka-based Manipuri dancer Babrul Alam Chowdhury performed Shiv Stuti, artistes of Nrityam Nrityasheelon Kendra staged a group Manipuri dance recital styled Panthe Jagoi, artistes of Chhayanaut performed Dhol Chalam, Chhayanaut artiste Samina Hossain Prema staged Gosthe Biday Jachan and artistes of Dhrity Nrityalaya performed Dashavatar.

Manipuri dance is named after the region of its origin. It originated from North-eastern Indian state of Manipur.

In solo, renowned dancer Rachel Priyanka Perris entertained the audience staging Gaudiya dance.

Gaudiya dance originated from Gauda, also known as Gaur - a region located in between Bangladesh and India. The dance features sculpturesque stances, eye movements and body postures and others.

Dance troupe Nritya Chhanda performed Odissi dance.

Odissi is one of the major forms of Indian classical dance. It originated in the Hindu temples of Indian eastern coastal state named Odisha.

Artistes of Chhayanaut, dancers of Srishti Cultural Centre, Arno Komolika, Rubasaha Mariam Khan, Amit Chowdhury and Arthi Ahmed performed different Bharatanatyam recitals styled Alarippu, Jathiswaram, Devi Stuti, Thillana and others.

Bharatanatyam originated from Tamil Nadu of India. This is another major form of Indian classical dance.

Besides, artistes of Kathak Nritya Sampraday, students of Rewaz Performers’ School and Masum Hussain performed Kathak dance.

Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance forms. Kathak dancers narrate various stories through their hand movements and extensive footwork, but most importantly through their facial expressions.

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