PDF Expert: a powerful e-book reader

Sarazeen Saif Ahana | Published: 00:00, Jan 19,2020

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MY MOTHER always says that a clean room means a clean heart. My own room is always stuffed with books, so perhaps that symbolises something deep and mystical. My books, on the other hand, are always meticulously organised. One of the reasons I can achieve this so easily is — you guessed it — because of an app.

Because the international publishing industry has not completely made the transition to EPUB, MOBI or other dedicated e-book formats yet, and because some books really do resist such changeful formats, PDFs are still the primary portal document format everywhere. Everything from government signature forms to school textbooks, almost everything that can appear on a piece of paper can show on a PDF document. Life, therefore, is made easier if you have a good, reasonably-powerful PDF manager.

Meet Readdle Inc, the best app developer in Apple app market. They are the creators of Spark, my favourite email client. PDF Expert, however, is their peak. This bright red icon hides a truly stunning file management system, myriad annotation tools, a signing-panel option and fascinating customisations. And if you are the curious type, settings which can tweak, tang and clank into the precise slots and figures that you need — all without hassle or payment. Yes, this tiny piece of heaven is free.

Transferring your files to PDF Expert is easy because you can plug your phone into your computer via data cable, connect your Dropbox, Google Drive accounts (just two among a long list of other cloud storages), use your FTP server or drag-and-drop from your computer via the shared link. The app comes with a built in colourful guide which will quickly give you the run-down of the essentials, but everything is set and displayed so intuitively, you probably will not need the manual anyway.

The most incredible part of PDF Expert is that it does not interact exclusively with PDF files. Music, audiobook M4Bs, videos, images, GIFs, ZIPs — PDF Expert has yet to disappoint me. File management is easily done, and because it connects to your cloud storages, you can transfer, sync and even shift back and forth between files, or file saves.

PDF Expert is available for macOS (USD 79.99) but I would say their mobile version is leaps and bounds better than the desktop counterpart. From the Apple App Store for free and a subscription service with access to more advanced document manipulation features for USD 49.99. Most casual users will not need the expense, though, because the free version is weighed down with enough features to wow anyone.

Still unsure? Here is the real kicker — the icon is red. And we can always use a splash of colour on our home screens, don’t we?

Sarazeen Saif Ahana is a student of Independent University Bangladesh.

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