Students condemn rape

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jan 12,2020


The recent rape of a University of Dhaka student sparked protests in different campuses of Bangladesh. Rape is such a crime which is condemned by the authorities and the society but the increasing number of rape is indicating we are short on measures. Students reflect on this issue on New Age Youth

Md Shafiqul islam
Jahangirnagar University

RAPE is a serious concern even for the most developed countries. Recently, rate of this crime is gradually increasing in south Asian countries as well. Nirbhaya’s brutal rape murder in India had ignited protests against such crimes in recent time. Tonu’s death, likewise, sparked such protests in Bangladesh.

Despite the statistics, numbers of rapes are much higher than reported. Families of the victim remain silent in fear of the victim’s safety. Often, the perpetrators’ families are powerful local people and intimidate the victims’ family with the help of local authorities and law enforcers to keep their silence. 

The slow process of the justice dispensation system also means that the culprits are on bail and victims’ family get justice, if any, even after decades. All these led to a burst in such crimes.

Sofia Kamal
United International University

THIS is very sad that no matter what women do, they are always the victim. An adult girl has been raped, a little two years old child is also raped, a decent girl is raped, an ordinary homemaker is raped and an educated literate girl is raped and so on.

Clearly, a woman’s occupation, dress or age is not the reason behind rape. The government has imposed laws to minimise it. Still, it's not working. I believe that the main reason behind this crime is the lack of proper justice delivery system.

A rapist needs to fear the law. When they have fear inside them then they will stop their criminal activities. A proper justice delivery system and fear in the rapists’ mind are all we need.

Sajid Ahamed
Stamford University

DOES it feel good to hear that child rape doubled in last year at the very beginning of 2020? Nonetheless, it is a relief to know that the prime suspect in the highly publicised DU student rape case has been apprehended, and that the suspect has confessed to his crimes.

I certainly feel like this country is becoming a gigantic torture or harassment hell. When general people were digesting the news of DU student rape case, they had to hear that a child had been murdered after rape.

Due to the nature of the crime, it is likely that child rape numbers are grossly under-reported. First and foremost is a lack of understanding and respect for children’s rights in society. The news itself is certainly indicating we are slowly going to annihilate our society by losing moral and ethical sense.

Right when I was writing this, I got to know that a father sacrificed his life while protecting his daughter from a vicious predator. This is not we want to hear over and over. If a teacher becomes a rapist, if close relatives turn rapists, it is difficult to send our children to school and to protect our children from sexual harassment.

MD Talebur Islam Rupom
Graduated from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

WHEN we talk about Bangladesh for becoming the world’s fast-growing economy, catastrophically the scenario of assuring women’s safety has not been improved at all by looking at the statistics and situation of the last decade.

Despite having very strict laws, it is a failure of justice delivery system and law enforcement agencies. Hence, rape is happening every day whereas sexual harassment is more frequent. Also, Bangladeshi migrant workers are also being raped and sexually harassed in different Middle Eastern countries and the authorities are not concerned about it. So, the role of administration is questionable in assuring woman’s safety.

Nevertheless, rape victims are killed and traumatised for life as if we live in a digital dark age. When a victim of rape commits suicide, the society is equally guilty, because, it is everyone’s responsibility to create an environment of fear for the rapists and their accomplices, not intimidate the victim.

The conditions are even more serious for the economically marginalised women and girls of such families, who have no means to fight judicially even if a girl of their family is raped. Morality of the people is collapsing although literacy rate is increasing. Fear is not enough to stop rape or any sexual violence. If it worked, top USA would not have such huge amount of rapes where their judiciary system is harder and result oriented.

The initial education of morality starts from family and surrounding environment. So, it is very important how a person is taught about respecting women. Apparently, Bangladeshi and Indian drama, movies and TV shows ignites men to force women since it is portrayed and shown in that way.

Md Abu Sadi Shitol
North South University

IN A recent report, on an average, 11 women and girls are raped every day, in the first six months of 2019 in Bangladesh. From 2014-2019, there are more than 25000 reported incidents of sexual violence.

We are adopting modern values from the west through the internet and social media. But these values have not been digested properly by traditional minds. That creates a conflict between the traditional values and modern values, which has contributed to the surge of rape.

We all know about strict laws in Bangladesh, but the question is all about implementation. Justice delivery is a very slow process. There is a prevailing culture of impunity. That is why rape cases are increasing every day.

For a victim, the whole process of claiming justice is complicated. The money and muscle power of the perpetrators silences the victims' and their families’ voices. Sadly, there is increasing incidents where the victims are forcefully getting get married to her tormentor.

Rape culture is allowed to continue when we buy into ideas of masculinity that see violence and dominance as ‘strong’ and ‘male’, and when women and girls are seen as less valued.  It is also underpinned by victim-blaming — an attitude that suggests a victim rather than the perpetrator bears responsibility for an assault.

Sowrov chakma
University of Dhaka

BANGLADESH is being defined by a single word — rape. This is not a modern idea and it happens in every society. However, some societies are more prone to this crime and some are not. In recent days, developed and developing countries alike, rate of rape is increasing.

According to a report by Manusher Jonno Foundation, in the first six months of 2019, at least 300 children were raped or attempted to being raped. Not only in Dhaka, but also in different areas of Chittagong Hill Tracts, rape is increasing. In 2018, more than 45 women and children were raped in CHT. Among the, 12 were murdered.

Only protests are not enough to prevent such crimes. We need to socially fight these rapists and their accomplices in united manner. For the future generation, we should work together to prevent such crimes.

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