Moonlight by Ali Gatie

Noor Ul Huda | Published: 00:00, Jan 12,2020


RELEASED back in 2018, the un-familiar and underrated artist Ali Gatie released one of the most heart-warming, tear rolling tracks of the last decade. Now a days there are platinum artists whose records neither are near lyrical standards nor sound friendly. Ali delivers that one feeling, that feeling of loss and melancholia with a bright light at the end of a tunnel that reassures the possibility of opening oneself to the world again. This reassuring feeling, the go-with-the-flow optimism is what makes Ali a truly remarkable lyricist.

The song ‘Moonlight’is a direct message to an ex-girlfriend. The reason is unknown why they part ways. Reassuring facts in a soothing let-go voice is deep with warmth and compelling to the theme. Every verse is beautifully rhymed. ‘Since you left me every night I go stare at the moon. Wishing it was you and I, that's something we would do’ the emotions traversed far away when he connected on earth but sees himself staring away from the toxicity of his atmosphere.

In an interview with Genius, Ali said he wasn’t heart broken when he wrote the song. In fact, it came to him before dawn, while he was going to bed. Thirty versions of the songs were made with different beats and rhythms but only one made it to the shelves.

The depiction of love here feels quite karmic. I wouldn’t say full blown karmic but ‘quite’ karmic. ‘Ain't nobody gon' love you like I love you, Ain't nobody gon' trust you like I trust you Ain't nobody gon' want you like I want you, Ain't nobody gon' ain't nobody gon'’ The chorus is where everything sets apart the timeline from the video where they are together to various people interacting with one another in their own utopia of love, refreshing to see that it’s not only about two people. It’s the lives of many that have encountered heart break, loss and travesty.

‘Girl, I smell you everywhere | Smell your perfume and your hair | I try to act like I don't care | Everyone knows that I care’. The first few months, when moving on is harder, than peeling off onion skin, this is what every male individual feels and it’s quite okay.

The fine lines along with the feeling of loss and a confrontation for the truth is even more compelling to what a broken heart wants to yell ‘You the reason I believe that love is real

Ain't nobody make me feel | the way you make me feel, Darling, tell me is it real? | Or was I lying to myself just to make it feel so real?’

Noor Ul Huda is a student of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

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