Obaidul lavishes praise on Jatiya Party, Ershad

Ershad Kamol | Published: 01:47, Dec 29,2019


Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, representing his party at Jatiya Party’s ninth national council session on Saturday, lavishly praised the party and its late founding chairman HM Ershad.

Terming parliamentary opposition JP as a trusted electoral partner of the AL, Quader, also road transport and bridges minister, said that the party played a vital role in AL’s assumption of power since 1996.

‘After the in the1996 election the AL needed a few more seats to form the government. When we contacted him [Ershad] in the jail, he instantly agreed to cooperate,’ Obaidul said.

‘We are grateful for the decision and did not forget his remarkable contribution,’ he went on.

Lauding JP’s role inside the Jatiya Sangsad and outside after the 2014 election, the AL general secretary said that the JP being the opposition in parliament positively changed the national politics through its constructive role.

‘When it was a trend to attack the speaker and to be violent in the house, Jatiya Party as the opposition has never been violent inside the house or outside,’ he said.

In praise of military ruler-turned-politician Ershad, the AL general secretary said that the JP chairman was widely regarded as Pallibandhu (friend of the villages).

‘He was an amiable and amicable personality and liked me very well,’ he mentioned.

If he were present in this council session, Obaidul commented, it would have assumed a different dimension.

‘His memories are repeatedly coming to my mind in this session,’ he said.

Obaidul also urged the Jatiya Party leaders to stay united and to continue their support for and cooperation with the Awami League.

‘If you remain united as a strong party, we will be stronger,’ the AL representative to the event said.

His speech drew huge applause from the JP leaders and delegates, many of whom thanked him for publicly disclosing the facts behind AL’s assumption of power.

In the 11th national election held on December 30, 2018, the AL shared 23 seats with its grand alliance partner JP, which bagged 21 seats.

Despite fielding candidates in 164 other constituencies, the JP obtained just one seat fighting the candidates from the AL and other parties.

After the election, JP was made the opposition in parliament though many JP MPs wanted to be in the government.

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