How can US dare lecturing China about rights of Muslims?

by Andre Vltchek | Published: 00:00, Dec 14,2019


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IN 2019, I have written a long analysis about ‘the Uygur issue’; analysis which will be soon published as a book.

For some time, I have been warning the world that the West, and the United States in particular, are helping to radicalise the Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province and outside.

And not only that: I clearly mapped movement of the Uyghur radicals through some countries like Indonesia, towards Turkey, from where they are then injected into brutal war zones like Idlib in Syria. I worked in the Idlib area with the Syrian commanders, and I spoke at length with the internally displaced Syrian people; victims of the Uyghur genocidal attacks.

The majority of Uyghur people are Muslims. They have their own, ancient, specific culture and most of them are, of course, very decent human beings. Northwest China is their home.

The ‘problem’ is that Urumqi, Xinjiang, is located on the main branch of The Belt and Road Initiative — an extremely optimistic, internationalist project which is ready to connect billions of people on all continents. The BRI is an infrastructural as well as a cultural project, which will soon pull hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and under-development.

Washington is horrified that China is taking a lead in building a much brighter future for humanity. It is because, if China succeeds, it could be the end of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism, leading to real freedom and independence for dozens of nations suffering now.

Therefore, Washington has decided to act, in order to preserve the status quo and its dominance over the world.

Step one: to antagonise, provoke and smear China by all means, be it over Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea or, the above mentioned ‘Uygur issue’.

Step two: to try to turn a part of China’s constitutionally-recognised national minority — Uyghurs — into ‘rebels’, or more precisely, terrorists.

Turkey, a member of NATO, offered the US a helping hand. Uyghurs were flown with their families to Istanbul, with Turkish passports, through hubs in Southeast Asia. Then, their passports were confiscated in Istanbul. Many Uyghurs were recruited, trained and then transported into war-torn Syria. Smaller groups stayed in places like Indonesia, joining the jihadi cadres there. When terrorist groups in Syria were almost thoroughly defeated, some Uyghurs were moved to Afghanistan, where I also used to work, and investigated.

Needless to say, Afghanistan has a short but important border with China.

Why all this complex operation? The answer is simple: NATO/ Washington/ West hopes that the hardened, well-trained Uyghur jihadi fighters will eventually return home to Xinjiang. There, they would start to fight for ‘independence’, and while doing that, they would sabotage the BRI.

This way, China would be injured, and its most powerful global project (BRI) would be disrupted.

The Chinese government is, naturally, alarmed. It is clear that the West has prepared a brilliant trap: 1) If China does nothing, it will have to face an extremely dangerous terrorist threat on its own territory (remember the Soviet Union being dragged into Afghanistan and mortally injured by the Western trained, financed and supported Mujahedeen? The West has a long history of using Islam for its Machiavellian designs). 2) If China does something to protect itself, it will get attacked by the Western media and politicians. This is precisely what is happening now.

Everything is ready, prepared.

On September 12, 2019, the South China Morning Post reported:

‘US Senate passes Uygur Human Rights Policy Act calling for sanctions on Chinese officials over Xinjiang camps

Bill also urges Trump administration to prohibit export of goods and services to state agents in Chinese region where upwards of 1 million Uygurs are being held

Beijing describes move as a “gross interference in China’s internal affairs”’

Naturally, the so-called rights act to interfere in Xinjiang’s affairs is one great exercise in hypocrisy and intimidation.

Let us not forget that the United States is treating Muslim people with absolute spite. It even bans them from entering the country, if they happen to live in certain nations. It arbitrarily bombs them in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, not worrying at all about the loss of civilian lives. It tortures Muslims, and it humiliates them at home and even in their own countries.

And frankly: by trying to trigger the Uyghur insurgency in China, Washington is clearly doing a great harm to the Uyghurs themselves, indeed, to all the people of Northwest China. It is not just wrong; the United States is committing crime against humanity.



CHINA is a multi-national, multi-cultural country. The Muslim culture is part of its identity. I suggest anyone who doubts that to travel to Xi’an, one of the three ancient capital cities of China.

Xi’an is where the old great Silk Road originated (the ancient BRI, one could argue). Till now it is proud of its tremendous Muslim monuments as well as of wonderful Muslim food and music. Every year, tens of millions of Chinese visitors travel to Xi’an, to understand its legacy and enjoy its culture. The city is loved and appreciated, mainly because of its vibrant Muslim identity.

It is thorough nonsense that China is ‘anti-Muslim’. Both China and Russia are much more tolerant towards Islam than the West. Historically, and currently.

The same nonsense is to claim that China is building ‘concentration camps’ in Xinjiang.

China’s position is clear: What the West describes as camps, are ‘vocational training centres’ where ‘trainees’ can learn Chinese and gain job skills to stop them becoming victims of ‘terrorism and religious extremism’. A group of Muslim Indonesian leaders, which gained access to these so-called ‘camps’ in Xinjiang, recently told my colleague that people who spend some time in these institutions can actually sleep at home at night.

Hardly a Guantanamo Bay, frankly speaking.

The self-proclaimed ‘judge’ — the United States — has hundreds of high-security prisons scattered all over the country. It is a well known fact that throwing often innocent people in jails is a big (privatised) business there, going on for long decades. Millions of people are locked in for nothing. How can a country with one of the greatest number of prisoners on earth (on per capita basis) dare to preach anyone about justice? It is actually a great mystery.



WHAT is the true purpose of such acts?

The answer is easy to define: It is the determined unwillingness of the US to share its influence over the world with other, much more humanistic countries such as China; it is its unwillingness to compete on the basis of great ideas and goodwill.

The more nihilistic the US foreign policy becomes, the more it accuses others of ‘murder’.

The way things function is simple: Washington creates some terrible conflict, somewhere. When the victim-country tries to resolve the conflict, and so-to speak ‘extinguish the fire’, it is accused of ‘violating rights’ and gets slammed by sanctions.

All this has to stop at some point soon. This policy of Washington turns millions of human lives into agony., December 10. Andre Vltchek is an investigative journalist, philosopher, novelist and filmmaker. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries.

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