Brush strokes, colours narrate stories

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 00:00, Nov 25,2019


An artwork from the exhibition.

Artist Shahanoor Mamun’s works displayed at his solo show under way at Galleri Kaya in the capital’s Uttara depict diverse stories created with eloquent brush strokes.

The paintings displayed at the exhibition titled ‘Stories’ depict scenic beauty of nature, rural and urban life, diverse seasons and others.

A total of 55 paintings done in watercolour, Ink pen pastel, charcoal on paper and others have been displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition’s artworks were completed between October 2017 and October 2019. Eminent artist Chandra Shekhar Dey inaugurated the exhibition on November 22.

The paintings give a glimpse into splendour of nature, six seasons, riverine life, flora and fauna, dense foliage, cloudy skies, hilly areas along the banks of Sangu river, green ambiance of Sutai river, which extends from Brahmaputra river, sights of Sundarbans mangrove forest and more.

To mention a few works, a watercolour painting titled ‘Tong Shop’ shows people sipping tea and gossiping at a tea stall in a village.

A watercolour painting titled ‘Old Dhaka’ shows the narrow roads of the area and its old buildings, while another watercolour painting titled ‘In the Bank of Buriganga’ shows boatmen transporting people across the Buringanga river. The background shows buildings and businesses located on the bank of the river bustling with life.

A watercolour painting titled ‘City in Rain’ shows people walking in the street amid the rain holding umbrellas.

A charcoal on paper painting titled ‘Mother and Child’ shows a mother holding her child in her arms while the watercolour painting titled ‘Homecoming’ shows a man returning home riding a bicycle in a village road that has tress on both sides.

The exhibition will end on December 7.

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