Leave is a right

Published: 00:00, Nov 23,2019 | Updated: 00:29, Nov 23,2019


‘Casual leave is a right guaranteed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, amended in 2018.’

Casual leave is not a matter of kindness. I never asked for leave for any period during my sickness. But the administrative personnel are still nagging about the number of my children. While the government is paying me during the maternity leave, what their problem is! I never asked for their pity. They should not snoop into my family matters. It’s my right. — a lecturer of a well-known public university posted this on her Facebook wall.

This situation is worse in private universities. The job of a lecturer working for four years has been terminated as he enjoyed casual leave with his dean not agreeing to it. When he came back to work, he was handed a letter of dismissal for not being in office.

This is the real situation of in private and public universities of ours. Casual leave is a right guaranteed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, amended in 2018. I feel ashamed to call a university teacher to be a labourer. But a worker can get 10 days’ casual leave and 14 days’ sick leave a year. The two types of leave are recognised in written documents. There is also a provision for earned leave after every 18 days of work. The leaves left out will be added to the next year’s or workers will get the pay for the leave for every single day.

Most of the private universities have made office attendance mandatory Fridays. Teachers are in most of the cases asked to explain their behaviour in case they do not attend office Fridays. This is why majority of young lecturers try to get public jobs.

Leave is a guaranteed right of the workers. Still, almost all private universities have no such provision and they always try to put the importance of office attendance and rules as excuses. A situation like this calls for a smooth policy for leaves that could end such problems.

Md Abu Sayeed Munna,

Lecturer, North East University Bangladesh

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