Workers Party discusses political proposal in council session

Moloy Saha | Published: 01:22, Nov 04,2019


The council session of the 10th congress of the Workers Party of Bangladesh discussed the political proposal of the party on Sunday.

General secretary of the party Fazle Hossan Badsha placed the political proposal on the second day of the council session held at Diploma Engineers Institution of Bangladesh at Kakrail in Dhaka.

Nur Ahmed Bakul, politburo member of the party, briefed journalists on the discussion on political proposal.

At a press briefing he said the discussion observed that the country had apparently achieved development but most of the wealth was accumulated in the hands of a few people and as a result the poor were becoming poorer and the rich were becoming richer.

The proposal said that the government should take pragmatic steps to reduce gap between the rich and the poor. 

‘A total of 572 councillors and observers from 58 political districts of the party are attending the council session and a six-member presidium was formed to conduct the council session,’ Nur Ahmed added.

Moreover, the pledge of the government for establishing social justice and equality was not kept, the proposal lamented.

The council session also discussed a proposal on the solidarity against imperialist attacks in the world, Nur Ahmed said.

Central leader of the party Mostafa Alamgir Ratan, Dipankar Shaha Dipu and Nassemul Hasan Dipu also attended the press briefing.

Workers Party opened four-day congress at Institution of Engineers Bangladesh on Saturday.

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