A good governing body crucial for any private school: Mohammad Moinul Islam

Ferdous Ara | Published: 00:22, Oct 04,2019


Mohammad Moinul Islam

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Moinul Islam Chowdhury, principal of Ispahani Public School and College told New Age that private schools with good governing body matters a lot in the education sector of Bangladesh.

Firstly if any capitalist or education entrepreneurs invest money, build an educational institution aiming just to provide good quality education to the citizen then it serves the purpose. But if industrialists want to establish schools or colleges to make profit, definitely it would not be able to contribute much to society, he pointed out.

‘In our country we had seen that many private schools and colleges had been set up by businessmen and they have been playing very significant role in education,’ he added.

With a dream to building educated and enlightened citizens as well as charismatic future leaders for a new born nation, Ispahani Public School was established in the lap of nature in 1979 under the devoted and generous patronisation of distinguished industrialist late Mirza Ahmed Ispahani.

‘The students of this institution first appeared in the SSC examination in 1985 and in the HSC examination in 1991, said the principal.

Today IPSC is a renowned name and one of the top-ranked institutions of the country. Our students have spread out to the high positions of the public, private as well as the corporate sectors of the country and have become an invaluable possession of the nation,’ he said.

‘The credit goes to the noble patron, our sincere teachers, ever-aware guardians and above all, our perseverance pupils,’ the principal observed.

‘Unfortunately there are some private schools which are not following the standard and the number of government schools is very poor in Chattogram,’ he pointed out.

The government took many initiatives for the betterment of this sector and it should set up more government schools, besides taking initiatives to modernise some private schools, he added.

Both public and private educational institutions should join hands as these two sectors were playing an important role in building the nation, said Moinul Islam.

The principal said that the private schools provided salaries of its teachers and staffs from the tuition fees of the students, whereas a government school did not need to rely of tuition fees.

‘Not all parents of the city are able to afford to send their children to private schools for education. If the number of government school would increase, more students can be accommodated,’ he argued.

Private schools sustained through the results of their students. Their salaries, allowances sometimes depended on their performance. Even if they violated the rules, the government could easily cancel their MPO status, he said.

‘Concurrently, the government can reorganise the existing private schools by supporting them with teachers training, educational materials, infrastructural development, etc,’ observed the principal.

The further said that they have undaunted support of their governing body, which is crucial for any private school.

Why it is so important? The teacher said, ‘Institution having excellent governing body recruits teachers by following the existing rules in a transparent manner as their only motto is to ensure quality education.’

Usually in our country a teacher served approximately for 30 years. So when a qualified teacher served in an educational institution it was a great contribution towards the nation. But everything turned opposite if the teachers were not recruited properly or in a fair way. If institution compromised here with quality, the outcome would be devastating. Because we cannot expect extraordinary output from a teacher who is appointed by lobbying, he said.

‘So, the right person should be in the right place for which good governing body is the key and thus for a private school to attain success, it plays a very important role,’ said the principal.

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